So Tired


This has/is going to be a very tiring week. My daughter is in a play, and although she stays after, dances, and acts…I’ve done my share in the background. Late pick ups, taking dinner before practice, attending meetings for cupcake sales, etc. And so the final days approach. Tomorrow is the big day–the first of four performances. I picked concessions to help out. So I’ll be there, right along with her. I’m trying not to focus on how late my days are going to be. I’m trying to find the positive. The fact she’s doing what she loves, and soon it’ll all be a memory. Right now, though, I’m whipped.

So we’re putting a hold on my birthday. It’s sort of during the day that she performs her play twice. Twice. On my birthday. Oh well, what’s a birthday when you get past the age of 10 anyway? I guess 18 was sweet, and 21 was sublime. But what now? The biggies…50,60,70, if I’m lucky. Birthdays are just another day. You get the, ‘well, well, well, today’s your birthday’, then nothing else. Although my son offered to make me a cake. It’ll be a first. He’s been cooking a lot lately. And I’m sure a cake would be the next logical step after achieving success in frying bacon and scrambling an egg. I hope I don’t stand in the kitchen and try to do it myself. 🙂

Did I mention I’m doing some major landscaping Friday? Yep. Because shlepping cupcakes, working at my day job, and performing all my other chores isn’t enough! I’m looking forward to some dirt and mulch, nonetheless. It’s those little things. Find them, cultivate them, and enjoy. As for my enjoyment, I’ll try to find it among the chaos and tiredness.

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