Fingers Crossed…

e5abb3877ae2aba9fd72d0d298370b10…I can write this weekend. I’m editing/creating my new story, “Searching For Sarah”. Have you ever, well I don’t guess you have if you’re not a writer, but have you ever gotten to a point where the train you’re riding (book you’re writing ) seems to be riding parallel to the tracks that have been laid…over there, about four feet from where you’re soaring 70 miles per hour? That could be true in life, I guess. You could have very well envisioned your life moving in a different direction and over time, it’s veered. Ever so slightly so maybe you didn’t notice…..Until you felt the bumps, noticed it wasn’t as smooth, or the tree line is coming a little bit closer than a month ago.

Well that’s how my story felt like it was going. A bit off track. I was busy writing along, and all of a sudden, I look around and go, “say what? what am I doing here? what happened? what am I talking about?” Yep, it was that bad. So I had to retrace my steps, figure out what I was trying to say, actually draw a map on a white board. “You are here, and you want to be there.” (page 1 and page 300 respectively). Tangents are the death of anything. Books, people talking, books, people talking…. You, as the reader or listener, tend to doze off, meander in your head of a million things you could be doing while said tangent is taking place.

As much as I hate to admit, I’ve had to map this particular book. It’s taken more time, but hopefully I’ll hold the interest of the reader. I’m beginning to feel the tracks, and I’m seeing a glimpse of the train station. Nothing feels better in the creative process.

For all non-writers, and blog readers…I appreciate the opportunity to write this off my chest! Have a great weekend. 🙂

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