Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

thX9AA5EQOWhen I cook or do the bills I need something on the television talking to me. Right…as if I don’t have 5 children bickering and being loud, I need some other source of distraction? But, it’s something that actually relaxes me. Although, it has to be something I’ve seen before so it doesn’t require too much of my attention. And, it needs to be something that’s easy on the ears. I’ve recently discovered The Love Letter, again. It’s such a great background movie to have on. Additionally, it has two of my characters from my books!! It’s always wonderful to be inspired by their personalities on screen. One is Tom Selleck and he plays of the main characters in this movie. He has no mustache in this one. I have to admit, I like him so much better with one. MV5BMTcwODI1MTQwNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzM2NjgwMw@@__V1_SX640_SY720_And, his hair is parted in the middle! I’m totally not imagining him like this in my book. I prefer the other Tom. tom-selleck-wallpaper-5-761725Yeah, this is absolutely the Tom I imagine as an older love interest in my book, WAKING AMY. There is also Tom Everett Scott. He’s in my single contemporary book, THE KENTUCKY CURE. He plays a doctor who is head over heels for Elise Newton (Mandy Moore). 1a1e2d472d6a244802df5d32bf685f94In this movie, though, he is in love with Kate Capshaw. She starts the whole movie going when she finds a love letter in the seat cushion of her bookstore. She can’t figure out who wrote it and thinks it’s Tom Everett Scott. He finds it and thinks it’s from Kate. Ellen DeGeneres finds it and thinks it’s to her from Tom Selleck. And, so the movie moves forward with a lot of confusion, mistaken identity of the letter and wrong affairs. I suppose what I like about it is the music, the location it’s filmed, and the ease of the story line. I’m actually watching it for the second time in a week right now! So what if it might have a little to do with I’m too lazy to take it out of the machine to find a new one. Either way, I can enjoy it one more time.

I have other movies that I will share in the future:) If you haven’t checked this one out, give it a look!


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