Make Someone Happy!

happyIsn’t it the greatest feeling in the world when you make someone happy? I got to do just that today!

Last year my step-sister’s husband’s mother passed away. (Did you follow that?) And I offered to make a memory quilt for them. Needless to say, a lot has happened in my world and I sort of put making it on the back burner. I finished it. However, I neglected to finish hand sewing the binding. Until Monday. My sister called and asked about the progress. I put my butt in gear, set time aside last night, and finished it.

Today I called and told her I had it to give her. She showed up five minutes later and dropped her jaw when I took it out of the bag. She was so happy. I melted into a puddle of pure appreciation. To have someone see something and feel so emotional–it simply did wonders for my heart. You see, they had given me some bags of blouses the mother had worn. I stabilized the different materials, sewed them together, and made a lap quilt for them to enjoy. She recognized so many of the pieces of fabric. Fittingly, she is going to give it to her husband this Sunday for Mother’s day.

My heart is truly happy. 🙂

Of course, you can’t make someone a quilt every day. And certainly not with pieces of a memory threaded into every seam. But you can do something small. I had a client come in this week. She is an older lady. Someone who has grown children and grandchildren. No one really visits her, and she doesn’t get to do much. I realized how lonely she must be and invited her into our conference room for a chat after we finished up business. She reminisced on old times, told me of new times, and thanked me for taking the time to talk to her. It didn’t take much…just a few minutes of my undivided attention. And I sincerely enjoyed it. She told me she might be back soon “just to check on things”. I’ll be ready. I may even offer her a cup of coffee to drink while we get up to speed on what she’s been up to. 🙂


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