In Today’s News…

where-to-go-on-holiday-in-februaryYes, this is Virginia in February. (not really, it’s a google generated picture, but it could be). I rode home with all the windows open in the car…I’ve been inhaling allergy medicine like cocaine…and all the daffodils have sprung! It’s crazy town. Did I mention it was February? This always happens. The warm weather comes in from the south, seduces you with a week of warm weather, you retire the socks, shed the coat, and BAM….it snows. The polar air overtakes and all those pretty flowers you just had to buy and plant because you want so desperately to see color in your gray and white yard, becomes frozen. I can’t tell you how much money I’ve lost in buying flowers too soon. This year they stay in the greenhouses until April. I mean it. I won’t let myself do it anymore.

I have a crazy bird at my window. It’s been there for over a week. (8 days to be exact) It comes around six in the morning, flings its body against the window…several fifty or more times…and continues this sick routine for hours on end. I even walk to the glass, yell at it…blurt obscenities that it’s Saturday and I don’t have to be awake, but it just watches me and flings itself even harder. I even have poop on the glass now. What the …..??? So my mom says it’s angels around the house. Possibly protecting, possibly signaling something. That’s all it takes, and I go to bed and dream I’m going to die. That next day I felt weird every minute. Like I received a message it was me, and this was it. I’m happy to report, I did not. 🙂

My son wants the new Switch thing that’s coming out. It’s a gaming device that you can take everywhere with you. Because who can’t just walk around and look at what’s in front of them without shooting a graphic-made gun at alien forms? He’s saved money since last year to buy it. Turns out they will have a select number of them at the stores on Thursday night…at midnight. Really? Is this to find out just who is crazy enough for them? I’m certain no sane person decided to drag people out at midnight. I want to know the reason behind it? Really. Why would they force me to drive 40 minutes in the dead of night for a game console? I’ve tried everything I know to get one in normal working hours. Nothing… Guess I’ll be the one driving slow through the parking lot, hoping not half the town is there to do the same thing. If I could only be guaranteed. Whatever. It’s the little things, right? I hope he remembers this when I lose my dentures one day, because I accidentally threw them away, rolled in a napkin, in my dirty bowl of oatmeal. And he has to buy me another set. Yeah, I’m sure the midnight Switch memory won’t even knock on his brain by then.

One more day until the weekend. I have a photo shoot Saturday. Wish me luck the camera doesn’t stall. Maybe that’s what the bird is signaling me…hmmmm….don’t get my picture taken. I wish I wasn’t, but there’s only so much more that I can take seeing me in that black coat on Amazon and Goodreads. Enough already. I’m packing a wardrobe of seasons for Saturday!

Have a great one! 🙂


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