Winning the Lottery

winning_the_lotterySo the lottery is up to a billion by now, or some crazy amount like that. And yes, I bought my ticket. My boyfriend texted, called, and told me last night before bed to buy another one. But I must say, as I stood in the line for my ticket a weird feeling overtook me. It was like, all this would change if I won. All the normal stuff…like fretting over bills, price checking everything against Amazon, (after all, I have Prime; I can get whatever it is in just 2 days) and life as I know it in general. People would start calling me–people I don’t know, asking me to give them money. I might even be killed for it. Gosh, that’s some heavy stuff. Money is evil; lack of it, and too much of it!

On the other hand, I could help a lot of people. Pay off their bills, home, and cars. Is that where happiness resides, though? Financial stability? My significant other says he would sure like to try it and let me know.

I suppose. And people reading this might be scratching their heads, “Say what? She wouldn’t want to win that dough? Travel anywhere? Buy anything?” I guess my answer would be, “Sure, it would be nice to be comfortable, but a billion won’t buy me happiness. I’m the type that by giving it away to help others, that’s what would bring me profound joy. Not the ‘stuff’ I could do or buy.”

I guess I’ll look at this weird moment I had at the cash register, waiting to buy the ticket, and consider myself lucky to be grounded in what I have. Always thinking that ‘things would be better, if…’ doesn’t get you further in life. Because we don’t grow with always wanting the quick fix. If every wish were granted, there would be no journey, nothing to build on, or try to achieve… I’m glad life isn’t a microwave; it’s a crockpot:)

I know, crazy, right? Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t love financial ease and a few vacations. And a new car. And to see what flying first class is really about. And having a cleaner come and clean the bathrooms and be the one who squirts the cleaner and yells, ‘no one flush the toilets until I say so.’ Or, a chef to make me yummy meals and call me for dinner. And then I get to leave the table when I’m finished eating and go to my room and listen to music, because the cleaner is still there and is going to do the dishes. And then later calling the driver to pick me up and drop me at the curb of wherever and wait until I come back out to drive me back home.

I’d like all of those things. Who wouldn’t? But then what? What would you strive for? What would fuel you to wake up in the morning? I think it would get old.

All right, I’d give it a try just so I could blog the answer. Until then, I’ll continue being the one to make the dinners my children all agree I make too often, and I’ll never find my car in the parking lot, no matter how I try my hardest to remember when I’m walking into the store, AND I’ll keep yelling about not using the toilets, and yet still assuring my children that the blue water is what’s making their pee look green:) Now stop using it until I’m finished cleaning!!

Well until next time, when I report that sadly my numbers were not the winning ones. Yay! I can still strive for something:)

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