Spoilers–It’s What I Do

spoiler_alert_originalI admit it, I love spoilers. Well, I don’t actually love them, I just need them and appreciate them. Sometimes though they really stink.

Say I’m going to be watching a scary movie on Friday night, I’ll go ahead and take the time and search what happens. It relaxes me during the movie. Life is stressful enough than having heart palpitations when the dude gets a knife and goes hunting down the hall. I know that he’ll go out to the garage kill the best friend. No surprise here! Of course I don’t advertise this sick habit. I just watch like it’s not bothering me. No one knows the wiser:)

Why am I bringing this up? I was just on Amazon ready to order my next season of a show I’ve invested six seasons into and I accidentally read some reviews. Yes, accidentally. For six seasons I not once read the reviews. I enjoy watching and learning as I go. It’s not like it’s a question if someone is going to escape near death. It’s a drama! But I did it. And now I wish I hadn’t. I found out the main character dies. DIES!!!! Gone, never coming back. Sure, I’ve seen her in magazines and know she’s probably sipping wine on her yacht now, but never will she be in my series picking flowers and kissing her husband. GONE. So I decided…I’m not watching anymore. I’m happy to stop watching right now and imagine she lives on. And that’s that. In this case, I’m glad I stumbled onto this. Now I won’t be sad. I guess I should always read the last page and watch the last half hour first on everything. I’m just that kind of girl. Even if it drives my son to utter frustration.

We’re watching Lost together and he makes me promise quite often that I’m not Googling the next episode:) I’m not!! Promise.

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