Seabrook Island

I am fortunate and blessed to have been able to return to Seabrook for our third year in a row. It was by chance that we first visited. My husband’s job took us to Charleston and we fell in love with the city. When we returned home, I told my mother all about it. She got on the computer and we found a few different St. John’s Islands. After seeing the pictures and reading the descriptions, she settled on Seabrook for our next family vacation. (side note: THE NOTEBOOK, by Nicholas Sparks was inspired by the island)

It is simply magical. The low oak trees bending over the roads, dangling moss, make it feel as though you are on a different planet. Walking to the beach down the long wooden pier make it feel like a coastal oasis. It’s simply a wonderful place to visit. Tomorrow we venture to the city.

My favorite trees
Each year we take this picture. One day they will be shoulder to shoulder:)
Our lovely walk to the beach
Morning roost for me!
A day at the beach…before the slight burn!

2 thoughts on “Seabrook Island”

  1. I love that you take the same photo each year! What a lovely idea. The island looks gorgeous. I’ve never been to Charleston or the coast in that region but have always wanted to go. I grew up in the south and am partial 🙂 but now I live in California so it’s a long ways to travel there!

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    1. Thanks for commenting, Katie! If you’re ever east bound again, Charleston and Seabrook Island are worth the visit. As for the picture, I use it as a picture for our calendar every year and give it to my husband for Christmas:) (Shutterfly)

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