The Perfect Sleep


Does anyone have that child or know of that child that needs their special blankie or teddy bear to fall asleep? Luckily, I didn’t have that such child, but I do know what it takes for me to achieve the perfect sleep.

Not until recently did I know that the body releases a chemical that makes us go to sleep. Am I the only one? Now that I know that, I love experimenting with the moment right before I drop off.  My eyes get droopy, I feel light, and all I want to do is fall out of consciousness. It’s really hard to stop once it begins. But, like that child who needs their favorite toy to go to sleep, there are a few requirements I have to make for the perfect sleep. Trust me, it doesn’t happen often. It’s like a moon phase that only comes around way too infrequently.

  1. It has to be on the weekend.
  2. It has to be between the hours of 7a.m -9a.m.
  3. The comforter has to be raised to block out the light from the window. (I have no window shades)
  4. I have to be completely alone in the bed.
  5. One leg has to be out of blankets and thrown across extra pillow, which is situated between the knees.
  6. Door has to be shut to the bedroom.

If all of the above has been checked off, I can get some major quality snooze time.


But, like the perfect sleep, there are the perfect things that can happen to wake me up anytime.

  1. Nagging bladder because I had that extra drink right before bedtime.
  2. A child standing in the doorway of my room. They don’t have to say a word, I just know they’re there…watching me.
  3. A four pound Yorkie’s nails walking across the floor.
  4. Someone flushing a toilet…on the second floor of the house.
  5. Boyfriend not in bed yet…because he is either fallen asleep in living room or working late in office.

And so I shall try my hand now at going to bed. (It’s 10:00 and I’ve got to get up at 5 to go and make the cannoli’s!) It’s Monday, so the perfect sleep is already off the table for the morning. That and I work. Next try will be Saturday, but I leave on vacation. So, that blue moon seems to be further away than I thought.

Bonne Nuit, my friends!




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