Guest YA Book Blogger, Tula

The-Chaos-of-Stars-Kiersten-WhiteToday I have with me my daughter, Tula. She is an avid reader, sometimes finishing an entire book in one day. She recently checked this one out at the library and read it twice! in two days. I couldn’t even get her to  come to dinner, for Pete’s sake:) So, I’ve asked her to join me to give her opinion on this “awesome” book! Let’s begin.

Tula, tell us a little bit about this “awesome” book.  “It is about an Egyptian girl named Isadora who is the daughter of the goddess of child birth and the god of the underworld. Isadora’s mother, Isis, sends Isadora to San Diego because she’s been having dreams that her daughter is in trouble if she stays. Isadora is happy with this decision due to the fact she feels she’s being replaced by the new baby her mother is having. But, when Isadora is away she finds out that her mother is going to be poisoned by a snake. So, she returns home to save her mother and finds out just who is the bad guy!”

So Tula, tell me why you enjoyed this book so much?  “Well, I left out the part of all the romance that happened while she was in San Diego.”

Ahh, now that’s my girl:) A true romantic at heart. I knew there had to be something that made you read that book twice!

So, Tula what would you give this book on a five star rating system? “Five stars, of course! I loved the storyline and I want this book for my private collection.”

Sounds like the library is going to be getting cash for that book!! No, really we’ll return it. I’ll just be making a trip to our local bookstore so she can have it on her own bookshelf. Way to go, Kiersten White for making a new fan out of my daughter!!

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