Series Suggestions


Downton Abbey is over…Army Wives I refused to finish due to the killing off of people…now I have nothing. Okay, so I tried Brothers and Sisters. Eh. To tell you the truth, it kinda reminds me too much of my own family. LOL. It was nothing but stress. The dad dies, the one brother is fighting to find his way, the sister won’t talk to the mom, and the other one is going through a marriage crisis. I was thinking a little more about something that didn’t seem so real. I watch things to get my mind off life. Not take mine and all their problems to bed with me. Oy!

I do have LOST to watch. My oldest son and I only have five more seasons to watch before he goes to college. Ha! I wonder if we’ll make it. I did, however, remember seeing THE GILMORE GIRLS  in the store the other day. I’ve heard nothing but good things about that one. Perhaps I’ll give it a look-see. If anyone has any other suggestions, please pass them on. No doubt I’ll give the brother-sister show a few more tries. I never like to give up that easily on something. I just wish there was someone on there that had their stuff together. Some glimmer of hope that someone  could help the others!

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂



Questioning What’s Important

99I confess, I’m a thinker. Sometimes more than other times. It doesn’t have to be me that’s going through a life altering event to make me think about mortality. I could read a news story, hear about an accident, or see a friend on Facebook going through something horrific. Which is why I’ve cut out my daily news watching all together. I can’t take the reality of life and all the sadness that comes along with it. Put me in a Ziploc bag of Utopia and denial, and seal it shut:)

Anyway, I was driving to work yesterday and a monster thought came and tapped me on the shoulder. Is this important? Driving to work to make desserts? I know, right? Come on, someone has to do it. So, who? Someone who doesn’t get that that’s not important? Someone who needs the money it pays to afford them something they want? I don’t know, it just seemed so meaningless. Especially when you heard a classmate the same age as you just died from cancer, leaving behind a son and husband. Or, that a couple died Sunday afternoon while taking a joy ride on their motorcycle. Dessert? Really?

I know we can’t all think this way, otherwise, none of the tedious tasks would ever get completed. Someone has to live like tomorrow is coming and with it comes the daily grind. But, isn’t life too juicy, too full of potential, to just drive somewhere and make desserts? Shouldn’t I be doing something more important? Like what? I love writing. That’s what makes me happy, makes me inhale and exhale with a smile on my face. But, isn’t that silly, too? You could be facing down life altering events at any moment, and suddenly you catch yourself wondering if your book is going to be a best seller? Is anything important?

Basically, I think I might need a vacation. Spend some time staring into the ocean, knowing that all that matters in that split second is that all I have is that split second. And, for that moment, everything is perfect. Because in a few short days, I’m just driving to make the Cannoli’s.