Plans for the Weekend…

1422499085254So this week was almost a complete bust for me going to work. My son came down with strep throat…the nasty kind. Usually when he gets it, it shocks us all…like the nurse comes in after pulling a splinter out of his finger and says, “oh by the way, he’s got strep.” Half the time I think they’re lying. He never has symptoms. Not so this time. He spent the day outside in crazy 80 degree weather, then comes in and falls over sick–his tonsils almost touching in the back of his throat, and his stomach hurting so bad that he’s doubled over. “What the heck?” And so I was home for days with him, stomach crap and all. Then on the day I thought I’d go to work, my daughter comes and says she’s not so well. I take that back, she rides all the way to school, (30 miles, one way), grabs a bag from the floor of the car, and says she’s not going to make it. So back home I go. Tomorrow I’ll return to work. Fingers crossed, that is.

So this weekend…I wish I could report I had date-like plans. Like when I was single and the weekend was my oyster. Day of shopping, anyone? No? How about brunch after sleeping in, and a movie before dinner? Not a chance. Now, I look to Saturday as Costco day. I don’t even feed my kids lunch–they love sampling everything that store has to offer. My youngest stands in the same line a few times, for the things he loves. Hey, it’s the best part of their day to go sampling. Whatever. I end up with a gazillion rolls of paper towels and toilet paper, six hundred trash bags, and a couple bottles of syrup that it takes me the year to consume. But it’s the way to go for the price. And eventually they do eat all the packs of quaker bars. To their dismay. 1d48438388dd3f4356f304e7e0443cc5

To all the singles out there, “have a great one!” Sleep in and think of me. And to the ones with a clown car full of kids, “see ya at the grocery store!”


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