A Bit of Holly

christmas-blogI know what I said a few weeks ago to Hallmark, and I still mean it…a little bit. It was too early to start Christmas movies, but now…while I decorate…it’s just in the nick of time. I mean who can decorate without background sappy holiday movies playing? Of course my teenage daughter came downstairs for all of two minutes and ran off holding her ears and hiding her eyes, exclaiming, “No, not the Hallmark channel”. Such a funny girl. I’m going to make a point to go see her during Christmas  when she gets older, just to make sure she isn’t watching those lovey, dovey movies.

So yes, I decorated today. Not the tree, though. That waits for the weekend, and my son. He would freak out if I put the tree up without him. I pick him up Tuesday from college. Just a short break, but a break nonetheless. And I’m not cooking this year! Hallelujah!! Instead, I will attend two dinners. Yep, two. And all that’s requested is I make homemade bread. Not a problem.

It’s been crazy windy here today. Temperature dropped to the 30’s. I’m a bit jealous of some of my friends who are experiencing snow. But it rarely snows before Christmas. It waits until I’m not in the mood anymore and then we get pelted with flakes in February. Now if you’d told me this morning it was 30 degrees outside, I would’ve argued. Because my heat was broken, and it was 90 degrees in my bedroom. Crazy. You’d think broken heat equals no heat. But this stuff was pouring out the vents. I think I lost 3 pounds while I slept. And then of course the characters in my new book woke me up to go over some changes. I tried to quiet them, telling them I needed sleep, but still they persisted. And no, I didn’t grab my computer to write. And now the changes are forever gone. That’s how fast things fly out of my head.

Oh well, tomorrow starts a new week. A short week. In the blink of an eye it will be over and one for the scrapbook. I’m soaking up every second, and slowing it down by dragging my feet. Isn’t that what kids do to slow down parents? Have a good one! 🙂

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