Hair Cut Time!

hairTomorrow I get my hair cut. Am I the only one who takes a different picture with them each time they go? As if I’m going to actually look like it when they’re done, right? Half the time they tell me my hair isn’t the right texture, not the right color, or that I just don’t have the right shape of face for it.

I like to dream, anyway. I was thinking about going bold. Maybe a different color all together. Or length! One summer I was on vacation and someone in my group went to the salon for a hair cut. First of all, who goes for a hair cut while they’re on vacation? Do you know they won’t scalp you? Who are these people in this strange city? Where are their references? Someone you know that went to them and they turned out all right? Mind you, I had no intention of getting one; I was just there to wait while my family member was being serviced. And then I saw the receptionist….Her hair was ultra cool. Short and spikey, cool and modern. I had to have it! A the time my hair was shoulder length, mouse brown, and molded my head like a shaggy dog. “Button up, Buttercup. And give me what she’s having!” I shouted.

An hour later, I exited the salon with a total transformation. Completely different than I walked in. Boy versus girl. My hair was pixie short. Like I’d never-need-a-brush, short. I went back to the hotel and walked to the pool area, where my family was congregated. No one knew me!! It was wild. I loved it. Talk about easy; wash and go, baby! Talk about cool in the summer; no need for pony tails!

I people watch when I’m out, and I see a lot of hip hair styles. Some that I’d like to just walk up to them and ask who did it. As tomorrow morning approaches, I’m getting the itch. Unfortunately, it’s still cold outside, so I can’t go too short. And then I hear some of my friends in my head saying, “Oh, you look so much younger with longer hair.” Yeah, they don’t have to deal with it. My hair is very fine in texture and therefore falls limp at the first gust of a breeze. As though I didn’t spend a half hour that morning curling it and puffing life into it.

Maybe I’ll change the color. I could go for something to make me feel like I’ve done something different. I’ll pull out my camera roll on my phone and just see what I haven’t attempted. 🙂 It’s hair…it will grow back!

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