Where’d all the Umpf go?

th3U01K3R3This week has been… challenging, to say the least. The blizzard of 2016 brought about extreme mental fatigue. When you’re cooped in, it seems like you’re in a big waiting room– wondering what to do. Because when it snows, there must be something different that’s going to happen. Right? I mean really… did the laundry suddenly stop producing itself? Did the dishes magically walk themselves into the dishwasher? And didn’t I still have deadlines to work on?

Well, no. That is questions one and two, it’s a no. But still I waited until life resumed, in order to get all these things done. Who can clean while the snow’s on the ground? We have to be able to get those kids to school before I tackle that laundry! Deadlines? No, I’ve got to wait until the last piece of ice is off the roof, to begin those silly things.

And so the week crept by. Like a snail…carrying weights…going uphill, in a blizzard.

Friday the kids had a two hour delay. Didn’t help. I slept in and felt like it was groundhog day all over again. Mind you, they’d been home six straight days. No one left the house. We couldn’t. There was too much snow. And no one to plow the driveway. Reason #208 to not live in the country. No way to get out in a weather crisis. Reason #85 is no internet. One day I’ll live where Netflix is an option, and the reason you’re late for work isn’t because you were stuck behind a combine. I’ll mention an upside, just so I don’t feel slighted living in the sticks. Reason #5 to love the country: The sky is endless. Truly, you can just lay outside, in the buff, should you want, and watch every cloud there is float by. And, not a noise to be heard. Except for that noisy rooster two houses down, or the combine coming through!

So I told myself: after this last week, I’m back on track. Going to get my stuff together. There will be no stopping me now.

If I can just make it past this weekend 🙂

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