Nantucket Stroll

1214-nantucket-christmas-treeI had the good fortune to slip away last week and take a trip to Nantucket. I was able to stay from Wednesday to Sunday; just in time for the Nantucket stroll. If you’re unfamiliar with this event, it’s when all the vendors decorate their stores, the whaling museum puts over 80 trees in their exhibit, and the town turns into a thing of the past. All inclusive of this special weekend are Christmas carolers in vintage clothing singing in the streets, Santa arriving by a coast guard boat and parading down Main Street, and the town crier ringing his bell. It was simply magical.

While I was there I took a few tours of the island–all within walking distance of my hotel. The houses are amazing. The Cape Cod colors, the whale weathervanes, and the crushed shell driveways. I think I’ll start my piggy bank today, in hopes of buying one of these homes for the summertime!

I was able to see a local play–The Christmas Carol, no doubt. It was wonderful. The talent was spot-on, the songs were festive, and it even snowed on stage. The theatre was located next to one of the old churches located on the island. Afterward, everyone walked to wherever they needed. Not many people use cars on the island. I simply walked the two blocks back to my hotel and stayed in for the rest of the evening.

I will certainly mark this trip as one of my favorites. From the nothing-like-it hotel to the twinkling lights on each tree, it was unforgettable. I even met and had my book signed by Nancy Thayer, a long-time resident of the island for the past 31 years.

My Christmas present came early this year. With my memory, I hope I can recall all that happened! Did I mention I left my camera at home?

Oh well, I’ll tap into how it made me feel—simply wonderful:)


To Etsy or not to Etsy

etsy-buttonThat is the question. I’ve had my “shop” on this site for a few years and never really plunged into it full time. At least more than twenty hours a month, I mean! I dabble at best. I’ll list some fabric I’m tired of looking at in my stash or make something to sell, but sometimes it’s a chore to just keep up an appearance. I will admit, I feel it’s gone a little too commercial in the last year or so. For example, now some of the vendors “send” their creations to warehouses to have them mass produced. Excuse me? It’s a handmade site, not a sweatshop. Now they have a category for handmade.

Although, I did love the vintage category. I would go into antique shops and find little goodies to either list as-is or I’d recycle them into new things. The only problem with that is I’d never want to sell what I did. And, all the little gems I’d come home with, I’d keep for myself. In this little Etsy venture to sell antiques, my shelves in the house are filling up with all my brainchildren ideas for the shop. But, they look so good in my own house:)

I did sell a rather large quilt that I made. It was like two hundred dollars. I was over the roof excited!! But, when I looked at it as I prepared it for shipping, I became sad. I worked a lot of hours and put a lot of my soul into that thing. I went to the quilt boutique and held up endless swatches to see what worked, I pieced and quilted the entire thing…and then I hand stitched the binding! It took me many hours to put that lovely summer quilt together. I just wondered if the recipient would appreciate all that went into it.

When I quilt for family, I know they realize the love that went into it just for them. And, I have a lot of joy giving my creations to people I know. I’m just not sure I want to keep putting my things out there anymore. But, I do love it when I see the little app come up, alerting me I have another sale! I’m so conflicted over the whole thing. Maybe I’ll put my next quilt up on the shop and see what happens. When it doesn’t sell I’ll be depressed and when it does I’ll be depressed. Is there any point?