The Writing Blues

Literary-agent-LLToday I will send in my sequel of WAKING AMY to my publisher for review. Well, 50 pages of it. Which is pretty much all I’ve got done. I will have to admit that since I’ve began writing seriously (fall of 2012), it’s been a lonely process. It consists of me, a computer, and a connection to the internet. I feel as though I live in some sort of vacuum, or maybe a box.

In the beginning I was happy just to write down all the stories that were swirling around in my head like a tornado. Capturing all the dialogue of my characters I heard in my sleep. Then, I queried a few of them. I got a mixture of rejections and a handful of requests. My world was lighting up like a fourth of July firework show. Actual agents were reading my work and asking for more! Then came the one-worded “pass”, or the advice to become more sensory activated. Which I did, by the way, but no one wanted to give me another shot at it. Oh, I see, so you pinpoint the problem, I fix it, but now the moment’s passed, never to be retrieved. What a bummer.

I suppose all the lights have dimmed for me since I’ve never found an agent to help me champion my work. It’s just me and a send button. Maybe all writers (pre-publication) goes through the writing blues. I’m not sure since it’s my first rodeo. And, never having an agent, I’m not sure how much they participate in the writing phase. All I know is that since the party of receiving my contract for WAKING AMY, it’s been quiet on the enthusiasm front. Well, except for the occasional interrogation of friends asking when my book is coming out. And, then of course, I do have my friend who is currently reading it. I get really jazzed to hear her comments and excitement over the story direction.

So, maybe I’m disillusioned about a literary agent. Maybe, they just find you the contract and slip away into the night. Still, I search weekly for one to partner up with me in the representation of my works. Maybe it’s just not in the cards, though. I’ve exhausted all of my query opportunities and now, perhaps when they see my name on the email, they just chuck it.

Onward to the sequel of WAKING AMY. I never wrote it with the intention to carry on, but somehow my publisher sees a few more in Amy’s future. At first I sat there, staring at the wall wondering what more possibly Amy could add, but now it’s become quite a fun challenge. It’s sort of like a soap opera, with more characters and more plot twists. I think I’m loving it. Even from my box of one:)