The Holding Pattern Of Snow

images (6)Alright, so I didn’t get enough snow last night to make angels, but it flurried until the bird feeder had a white top. And, yes we could still drive safely by late breakfast, but the buses weren’t running back and forth to school. So, why did the whole day feel shot to me? Like always, it seems when that fluffy stuff releases from the clouds, I become mummified. Unable to complete the tasks I had intended to do the day before. All scheduled to-do lists are temporarily suspended. Didn’t I see the flakes outside?

So, I mope around. Look for something to eat. Hope that the milk doesn’t run out. Check that there’s something to cook for dinner. Somehow, I manage not to go into work. Why should I, the kids didn’t go to school. So, how about the laundry? It would be a perfect day to get some of that done. But wait, it snowed. I can’t do laundry. I barely even rinse my dishes off from meals. That snow is really messing with my mind. Or, is it that the other little people living in the house are all whooping and hollering that it’s a national holiday. Making me feel like it’s odd to being getting anything accomplished. No work to be done here! And, so I buy into the notion and sit firmly, holding onto my strike sign. “No work to be done today, it snowed.” And, the pathetic fact of it all, was it had melted by noon. I kept my eyes averted from the windows and pretended we were waiting for the snow plow. It was too sad to think this holding pattern was brought on by a small skiff of snow.

What a lost day.