Keep-it-simpleTwo things happened last week. One was good, and one…not so good.

Not so good first. My smallest boy loves Monopoly. And when I say loves Monopoly, I mean wants to play it every day. To the point everyone runs when he comes asking for players. So what did we do? We bought him the electronic version. One that he can play any time the moods hits. Does he need any of us to pull this off? Nope. He can play the xbox guy who lives in the machine. Is this a good thing? You’d think, but I feel we just took a vintage game loving boy and fed him to the electronic wolves. Okay, so he does still plead for “real” players to play with him on the electronic version…but is it the same? He doesn’t even need to be the banker in this version. So much for counting skills.

Now the good. Which if you ask my daughter, she’d tell you that this in fact is the very bad news of my report. Oh well, she’ll see the light in years to come.

Okay, so last Friday my daughter changed her password on her phone. You know, the little Apple device that stays burning hot from being in use 24/7. The little earbuds attached to it has begun to grow skin around them because she wears them like an accessory. Always be-bopping and singing. To the point you feel she’s in a continuous rock concert and you’re the fixed audience member.

So she changed her password, woke up, couldn’t remember it, and consequently the phone locked her out. We tried connecting to iTunes to no avail. If we further try to hack it, all items saved will be lost. As in all her pictures, her video of the one and only concert she ever attended, and her music. No… she didn’t save any of it on a cloud, for those out there wondering.

So why is this the good news? Well, I feel for her…really I do. I don’t want her things to be lost to cyberspace. But…she comes around a lot more. Interacts with us, reads books again, plays with her brothers, and tonight I saw her sleeping with her plushes! Poor things have been locked away since Spotify came into her life.

Just imagine if we went offline sometimes. For an entire day. Minus the shakes we’d get over in about an hour, we might actually be able to focus on something else. Imagine that. 🙂


Christmas Movies

stanI’m such a sucker for a good movie. I have quite a collection. One year a dear friend of mine gave me this one to watch. She’s into old movies and thought I’d enjoy it. It has been a favorite ever since. My version is in black and white; I’m not sure if they colorized it later on. And it has the type of plot that can be set on replay without me getting tired of having it on.

Basically the character of Barbara Stanwyck writes a column for a magazine and kind of paints herself as a Martha Stewart; country house with a pet cow, and all!  (She really lives in a noisy apartment in the city). When the publisher wants to visit for the holidays, she seeks help from her boyfriend to pretend the house he owns is really theirs, they’re married, and that they have a baby. Little does she know that a fan of the magazine is also invited to stay…a very handsome and single war hero who admires her column.

I won’t spoil it, although I’d appreciate the spoil if I were reading this. I’ll only say that it’s a classic and you won’t be disappointed. That is if you’re into black and white, easy to entertain movies.

I wish this year I could sit in front of a fireplace, sip hot chocolate, eat a Chunky candy bar with Rocky Road ice cream and enjoy it, myself. The closest I’ll get to that is popping it in the kitchen DVD while I’m preparing a meal and increasing the volume to hear it over the noise of kids running and my daughter singing songs at random, very loudly. It’s all good. One day I’ll wish for this circus again!