This Moment

main-qimg-4b472fcbc9fdd8243e7d1eaca1392d6c-cToday was very busy. I made breakfast, washed two loads of clothes, cleaned the foyer, dusted a bit, separated gifts, folded clothes, cleaned kitchen, turned around to dirty dishes with making lunch, drove my daughter to meet a friend to see a play, made a real estate stop, came home and started making dinner, folded more clothes, cleaned up dinner, drove out to pick up daughter, shopped, bought my son shoes, played family game night, and now I sit at my computer listening to the last load of clothes tossing in washer. I’m tired. Every year it’s the same thing…promises I make to myself….”I’m going to lay in bed and watch this movie or that movie…I’m going to sew an apron for so-n-so, I’m going to bake those cookies I clipped out of the magazine, I’m going to watch the Christmas tree lights at night and chill out”….

Yeah, right. That never happens. I never have a moment to enjoy any of the decorations it seems to take me all day to put up. I never get to bake cookies and get sick off the dough. I’m too busy. And before you know it, Christmas is over. Those moments have passed, and the decorations are all put away. But when do you stop? When do you not care if the dishes are piled up next to the sink, and just go in and enjoy a bubble bath and paint your toes while wrapped in your fuzzy pink robe? Will I be too old when the day comes? Ever notice all the sports cars, I mean the truly vintage, nice sports cars are driven by old people? That’s because it takes  that long to afford one, I suppose. I don’t know…maybe you appreciate more things at an older age.

My sister gets on me to ‘burn the candle’, ‘use the nice sheets’, and ‘open the tasty bottle of wine’. I’m famous for keeping things until I can enjoy them. But when is that? Why are they still in the closet, not getting used?

Reflection moment over. I’ve got to go put some clothes in the dryer. 🙂


Friday…The Chosen Day

fridaydoDo you act differently on Friday than say…Wednesday? Of course you do! And so do so many other people. Let’s face it, Monday is the devil and Friday is…FRIDAYYYY!!!!

My friend and I were having lunch today and she said something that made me think. She said that all we do is live out the week looking forward to the weekend, and before you know it, another year has gone by; it’s summer again, your kids are going into another grade, and BAM! it’s Christmas! It doesn’t take too long with this thinking before everything that used to be…isn’t.

Why don’t we ever just enjoy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? I’ll give ya a pass on Monday. Monday will always be the stink eye day of the week. It’s the Debbie downer that ruins the weekend. It’s the stumbling block that ends the fun…the relaxation, the day that takes you back to reality.

They say enjoy the journey on the way to your destination. It’s difficult sometimes. You’ve got your mind so set on that end line–that goal, that all the people you met along the way there, all the things you did…well, they’ve become background noise. Something you flew by without even taking the time to enjoy them. Because before you know it, all that’s going to stick out in your mind is Friday. Theoretically.

Don’t get me wrong, Friday is wonderful. Magnificent. I don’t have to wake up early the next day, pack lunches, and go to work. Friday I wear a bigger smile, endure mean people better, and look for the silver linings. Okay, so I’ve just talked myself out of wading through Tuesday thru Thursday better. I’m going to have to treat them like Friday, I guess. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. That way I’ll enjoy the journey, be happy, and pretend it’s Friday again!  (I wonder how long this will last?) It doesn’t matter today….because it really is Friday! 🙂

Have we learned anything from this rant? I didn’t think so.