A Total Staple


I got stuck staying awake last night watching “Dirty Dancing”. Yes I’ve seen it a million times before. Yes I own it myself. But there it was on television. With tons of commercials. And I couldn’t help myself. “Dirty Dancing” is like “Christmas Carol”, “Pretty Woman”, and “Titanic”. I don’t know of many people who haven’t seen “Dirty Dancing”.

What doesn’t work about this movie? There isn’t one thing I could say to criticize this classic. The cast, the music, the chemistry…it was all soooo good. It completely depresses me to think of the world without Patrick, but I’m so grateful we have a piece of him in this hit. I heard it through the grapevine they wanted to do a remake. What??!! It figures. No one can think of anything original anymore. It’s sad.

And so I’m tired today, but boy was it worth it! My favorite all-time line was when Baby is in his room, after the dance, and she says she would regret walking out and never feeling the way she does when she’s with him. I could rewind this moment and watch it a million times. Come to think of it, I might’ve blogged about this movie before. This seems very deja vu. But think about it…haven’t you felt that way before about someone? If you haven’t, I hope you do. It’s a wonderful thing. 🙂


Some Things Hollywood Needs to Leave Alone

footloose1Over the holidays last year I purchased the new edition of Footloose. I’m pretty sure because it was a doorbuster sale on black Friday and I only had to pay a buck for it. Thank goodness. Because I finally got around to sticking it in the ol’DVD player and watching it while cooking dinner the other night. Needless to say, I didn’t like it. There were some aspects I did, of course. Like his uncle being on his side with the whole town against him ordeal, and …  hmmm, I guess that was about it. 🙂 And what was up with New Jersey accent? It was so distracting.

Oh yes, there was something else; I did like Dennis Quaid. But, I’d like him in anything;)) My personal fav is “Something to Talk About” with Julia Roberts. Love it! But, anyway…

When is Hollywood going to stop remaking the classics? It’s sort of like ruining a good book with its screen adaptation. (sometimes—I do like Nicholas Spark’s movies better than the books) But with Footloose, I’ve seen the real one. I’ve memorized the parts, the lyrics to the songs, the dance choreography in the warehouse where Kevin Bacon goes crazy. We can’t reinvent the wheel, guys! It was perfect just the way it was. And now I hear they’re remaking Dirty Dancing? Is there nothing sacred? As if there’s a Patrick Swayze of this generation who could pull Baby from the corner and dance like nobody’s business? I say there is not. Leave it be. Or come up with something totally different. Did you know that “You’ve Got Mail” was a take on the old classic “Shop Around the Corner”? I happened on this little gem while watching TCM channel one night. The similarities cracked me up, but the new edition merely enhanced it; not copied it word for word. It couldn’t; it was a film from the 40’s.

kevin_bacon_footlooseYou can’t mess with a classic.