Evening on the Creek

IMG_3677By the time I could get my camera out, the boat was almost gone. You can still see some of it though!

It was a wonderful Sunday, as we got to spend some time on the water. After we attended 2 birthday parties, we scored a boat ride. By the way, anyone in the market for an island house? We have one for sale! And when I say island house, I mean it. The house is completely surrounded on all sides by water. I should go there to get some writing done this summer! It kind of reminds me of Jesse Stone. You know, the Tom Selleck movies on the Hallmark channel? He lives in a house surrounded by water. But I think you can drive somewhat to his. Then you walk across a long bridge. As for ours, you get there only by boat. I had a great time visiting and I’m sure it will get my creative juices flowing. 🙂