Run and Hide…the birthday is coming!!

birthdayUgh…my birthday is coming up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful to be living another year, but…birthdays just don’t feel the same when you get older. Neither does Christmas, Halloween, Easter……

I love making a stink about everyone’s birthday. Going out, celebrating, singing, making the cake, etc. Come time for my day and I just want to stay under the sheets and wait for it to quietly pass. I usually leave for my birthday, in fact. I certainly don’t go to work. I’ve made it a cardinal rule, no one works or goes to school on their birthdays. It’s something that my boyfriend thinks is weird, but he concedes to letting the children take a free day. It’s their birthday, for goodness sakes!!!

Mine, not so much a big deal. Other than staying off, I don’t do much celebrating. Since I’m the one who makes all the birthday cakes, my mother makes me my favorite…mandarin orange cake. It’s simply divine! Last year or the year before that,  I just took off in my car, with my two besties, and we went to the outer banks. It was definitely different. We didn’t know where we were going, or what we’d do. I just wanted to leave.

This year I’ll probably go to dinner (maybe), and I’d like to see the movie, “My name is Doris”. It’s that cute one with Sally Field. Total chick flick. I’d love to wrap up the evening with a scrumptious shake from Cold Stone—cookies and cream. Then be sick all night because I’m lactose intolerant. Don’t they have pills for that? I’ve got to check into it.

The next day, I’ll wake up and it’ll be like nothing happened. I’ll even deny turning the extra year altogether. “Was that what happened? I thought we were just seeing a movie and stopping for ice cream just because.” 🙂

7 thoughts on “Run and Hide…the birthday is coming!!”

    1. Thank you, Carol! I’m kind of using it like a monopoly “get out of jail” card! “Cooking today?”
      No, it’s my bithday😊. “Cleaning today?” Certainly not, it’s my birthday! I’ve got about 15 hours a year to use it.

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