Not in a Long Time


…have I been to a concert. And boy, was this one different! Warning: my age is going to show through in this blog post! I took my newly turned teenage daughter to see a concert Friday night. Things have certainly changed since the last concert I went to. Granted, this was a “boy” band. The one I last saw was Motley Crue. (no comment on long ago that must’ve been, please). The audience in last night’s arena were mostly wide-eyed girlies. Motley Crue brought out the wilder crowd. Still, there were more differences I noted. By the way, have concert tee shirts always been priced higher than the concert tickets? Ouch.
I had forgotten how deafening it could get. Seriously, I couldn’t hear right for about 10 minutes after we left. Both me and my daughter laughed at how our voices sounded like we’d just inhaled helium. Every time one of the band members said something, it sounded like Charlie Brown’s mother. I couldn’t understand a thing! But all the little chippies would go wild and yell even louder. Yes, I was the one who casually held one finger in my ear, just so I could salvage some hearing later on. I put it down when my girl would turn to look at me, making sure I was digging it just as much as she was. I didn’t want to look like a total dork. What was a little hearing impairment when it came to looking cool?
Speaking of cool, it was amazing seeing the message that is being sent out to young people. Not really cool at all, actually. I saw shirts that read, ‘I’m a Loser’, and other ones that said, ‘I’m just a reject’. Who makes these to sell? Where has all the good messages in the world gone? Shouldn’t we be building self esteem? Not printing belittling labels for young girls to buy and wear! Crazy.
Then there was the time when the band was still setting up and a song began to play. Everyone in the audience began going crazy and there was a sudden uniformity as everyone began singing. ‘I’m just a teenage dirtbag’ was the lyrics. Everyone seemed to know all the words. Wow. Just wow. Dirt bag? Really?
Instead of lighters, everyone swayed in unison with their smart phone flashlight apps. It was a tremendous sea of white lights. I took a video. Which I wasn’t the only one. That’s all you saw–everyone with their cameras out, recording the whole thing. I guess they’ll go home and upload it to their account. There were even some girls wearing signs on their backs, asking people to follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Sign of the times!
It was a good time had by all. My daughter soaked it all up. I’m so happy to have been a part of that memory with her. Although I didn’t know one song anyone played, I enjoyed watching her sing to each of them. Which was the most different thing about it. This band has no songs out on the radio. Seems you can get a YouTube account, record some songs on it, and gain yourself a fan base that stretches across the country. Today’s technology is going to squeeze out some of the more traditional ways of how it’s been done in the past. And I’m happy because of it. There is some real talent out in the world, and YouTube, The Voice, American Idol, and even self-publishing is letting those naturals shine through the cracks! 🙂

Just What the World Needs…

tech…a new way to converse with one another.

I looked at my children the other night, standing around in the kitchen–each one of them had their heads hung, looking at a device. For my smallest, it was a 3DS; my daughter, her IPOD; my two boys, phones. Even my husband was swinging his neck to look at his phone screen. I exclaimed how they all looked–ridiculous. Granted, I do it too…but it’s crazy. It’s too much. Do you know my two youngest boys have withdrawal if they don’t have a device in their hands all the time? And can you imagine the number it’s doing on your vertebrae?

So I was talking to my fourth son in birth order. He was telling on his sister about typing something on Snapchat. Snapchat? What? What is this and how does she have an account? I’m not an old fogey, but I do like to have a say on what social media she’s on. There are too many predators out there to think it’s all innocent–which is what young girls believe it is, and should be. Anyway, he continues to say that Snapchat is an outlet in which once the person views the message, it vanishes. Hmm….okay. So let’s recap; Instagram is for pictures– Facebook is to proclaim what type of mood you’re in or kind of day you’re having, or what you’re eating–Pinterest is for pinning special photos to boards you want to keep–Twitter is to advertise (let’s face it, no one does much more than this)–and now Snapchat is to correspond with people and then have it disappear. Kind of like a secret message that self-destructs. Interesting. How many others ways can they dream up to communicate with one another that doesn’t involve physical human interaction? Hearing someone’s voice is almost obsolete anymore.

I suppose speed is the new thing. And the internet, of course is the highway for it all. After all, it’s how I’m communicating now. But why can’t you just not tell the world every single detail of your life? Every second of the day? Why can’t you hold it all in, for say a week, and then give a person a call and have a good talk on the phone. Like we used to. I feel the world is getting to be a bit too much in your business. Don’t get me wrong, I stalk Facebook to see what everyone is doing. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a sad pastime. It’s sort of funny because if I see Facebook people out on the street, I feel like it’s a weird celebrity sighting. As if you’re following their life through the media and now they’re there in the flesh. Like ‘hey, I saw you the other night at that restaurant eating spaghetti. I was happy to read the doctor’s visit checked out great!’. But it’s not always a good thing. You see their status and you feel like you’ve checked in with them. You don’t need to give them a call to connect personally…you know what they’re up to already. You’ve checked the ‘like’ button and all is up to date.

They say Snapchat is going to trump the other social media icons by having 150 million users. 150 million!!! People want speed and direct ability to chat with a single person, then have it go away. Hey, here’s a notion…wait until something earth-shattering happens to you, then call them! I would be shocked to know how many relationships rely more on technology than person-to-person. It makes me happy I dated in the phone age. Where I heard the voice of the other person, and gushed on the one side of the telephone connection–staying up all night, talking about everything. And I didn’t have to guess their tone. Have you ever read a message from someone and wondered what the whole capitalization was for? Let’s face it, capital letters show tone. Was it an accident they typed ‘VERY tired’? Does that mean they don’t want to text now? And why didn’t he/she comment on that last text? Did they not get it? When in fact, they didn’t, but you assume they didn’t like your comment and now it was up to you to backtrack. Yep, I’m grateful I had use of the phone during my dating years. Well, kind of. I remember a few times it would’ve been nice to send a Snapchat for an easy break-up! 🙂


So much to do…

busyI can’t remember the last time I was this busy! It’s fun in a way, but overwhelming in another. I’ve had to make up a notebook to store all the things I have to do. (That was the best part! I added stickers to it; I’m such a sticker lover).

A recap if I may: Last year I spent my time writing books and editing them. I also began this blog, got a Twitter account, and an Author Facebook page. Little, baby things to prepare for when everything got released into the big world of readers!

I knew this year was coming…my debut release, my second book in the wings. But, I never knew it would come at warp speed. I have a feeling this year is going to fly by for me. Let’s not forget that I have a son graduating from high school. I’m trying to soak up the normality of life as I’ve known it for the last eighteen years. Everyone at home, everyone in the same car, at the same dinner table. Pretty soon it will all change. *wipes a tear from her eye.

This month is all about change. I’ve recently decided to fly solo on my first book release. I’m delving into the unknown–marking myself as an Indie. I’ve been inundated with information. How to promote, where to promote, who to talk to about this and who not to use for that! I’m realizing how different the business side of being an author is from the writing side. I can see how distracting it can be. I just hope I do it right. Well, at least the majority of it, correctly. We can’t learn unless we make a few mistakes, right?

Currently, I’m in the beginning of it all. Getting the final proof read, sending it off for format/print, finding reviewers, seeking promotion, finding where my child’s socks are. Oh yeah, I’ve got to do laundry, too. And that job I have as a bookkeeper? Sure, I’ll get there tomorrow some time in the morning. Can’t let people wonder where their tax forms have gone. Dinner? No problem, at all. We’ll eat tacos again. That way we get protein, vegetables, fruit (didn’t you know about tomatoes), and some dairy; I love sour cream on mine. For dessert: Twinkie a la mode. Then I’ll make certain to sign all the report cards and make sure the freezer packs are returned to the freezer. Eventually, I will get to bed. Sleeping is another story. I’ll probably lay in bed and remember everything else I forgot to do!