Happy Thoughts in a Sad World


This country was a very weird place to be this week. Without going into the weeds of personal thoughts, I felt the weight of the world was a bit heavier. There was grief, elation, disbelief, sighs of relief, and complete chaos. The emotional rate, if weighed on a scale, was off the charts. My 8 year old son told me his third grade class was even divided into people who wanted this candidate to win and those who wanted the other. Are you kidding me? What do they know about politics? And since when do you have a playground fight about being republican versus democrat? Crazy times. All I did on the playground at his age was giggle about who was going under the big oak tree to pretend ‘get married’. And then take off running to do flips on the monkey bars. I never remember spouting off about a presidential election. Thank goodness.

I digress. My post was intended to focus on mindfulness. Which I practice every day of my life. Ever find yourself thinking stupid things? As small as, ‘Crap, what do I have to make for dinner tonight? I have no groceries in the house. We had junk last night. And for the love of all that’s sacred…I don’t want to go over to so-in-so’s house tomorrow. Why can’t I just say I’m busy?’     Thoughts such as these dance like sugarplums in my little brain a lot! There’s no goodness to be found. I have to redirect them to positive things, such as going through a plan of what I’ll make and how easy it’ll be. ‘I’ve got this. It’s going to be fine. I love just eating with my kids. Who cares if it’s breakfast night. Everyone likes pancakes.’ 🙂

Or, ‘I hate these shoes. Why do I consistently put these ugly things on my feet?’   If I don’t watch it, this type of stinking’ thinkin’ roams freely in my head. I have to consciously think better things. It’s called mindfulness thinking. Steering my thought to good places. Being the driver of them, not the passenger. ‘These shoes may be ugly as sin, but they’re broken in and feel good. I’ll just stay behind my desk a little more today!’

All of my thoughts are not the truth. I have to remember that one, too. Has your child ever been late and instantly you think you’re going to receive a call from the police telling you they’re in a ditch? Yep, that’d be me again! My mind is full of these fun gems. And that’s why I have to take the wheel and steer them to better places. And it works! But boy is it tiring.

So in a world that is so divided right now, I have to pull my energy to find all the goodness. And when you look for good and think for good, it will find you! Just try it yourself!


Questioning What’s Important

99I confess, I’m a thinker. Sometimes more than other times. It doesn’t have to be me that’s going through a life altering event to make me think about mortality. I could read a news story, hear about an accident, or see a friend on Facebook going through something horrific. Which is why I’ve cut out my daily news watching all together. I can’t take the reality of life and all the sadness that comes along with it. Put me in a Ziploc bag of Utopia and denial, and seal it shut:)

Anyway, I was driving to work yesterday and a monster thought came and tapped me on the shoulder. Is this important? Driving to work to make desserts? I know, right? Come on, someone has to do it. So, who? Someone who doesn’t get that that’s not important? Someone who needs the money it pays to afford them something they want? I don’t know, it just seemed so meaningless. Especially when you heard a classmate the same age as you just died from cancer, leaving behind a son and husband. Or, that a couple died Sunday afternoon while taking a joy ride on their motorcycle. Dessert? Really?

I know we can’t all think this way, otherwise, none of the tedious tasks would ever get completed. Someone has to live like tomorrow is coming and with it comes the daily grind. But, isn’t life too juicy, too full of potential, to just drive somewhere and make desserts? Shouldn’t I be doing something more important? Like what? I love writing. That’s what makes me happy, makes me inhale and exhale with a smile on my face. But, isn’t that silly, too? You could be facing down life altering events at any moment, and suddenly you catch yourself wondering if your book is going to be a best seller? Is anything important?

Basically, I think I might need a vacation. Spend some time staring into the ocean, knowing that all that matters in that split second is that all I have is that split second. And, for that moment, everything is perfect. Because in a few short days, I’m just driving to make the Cannoli’s.