Love Comes Quickly

Love-Pictures-2How quickly does love really come? How fast is too fast? I was asked this question not too long ago by someone who thinks they love someone only after a few weeks of talking. There have been two dates, telephone conversations, and endless texts between them. Hmmm…could it be love? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s infatuation. Is there a litmus test for love?

I read a review for my debut book, “Waking Amy” and they stated that the love between the hero and heroine happened too quickly. Don’t you kind of have to write it quickly? I mean, there’s only 250-300 pages to establish love. Less, if you want to add in a problem, some climax, and a conclusion, too! Certainly we don’t have the leisure to drag it out for three volumes. But doesn’t love happen that quickly in real life? My friend seems to ponder the question. And I would figure her to only be on about page 50 of her romance!

I was watching Dying Young tonight. You know…with Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott. Anyway, they were about 25% into the movie when it happened for them. Julia Robert’s character was about to leave when Campbell Scott seduced her and they slept together. BAM!! The next morning he declares his undying love and she returns the sentiment. Are you serious? Isn’t that a bit quick? Shouldn’t they date more than one time before sealing their fate with forever-talk? Couldn’t they’ve remarked how much they liked one another before diving into “here’s my heart, don’t break it”? It must be that I’m just so slow in coming to the conclusion about surrendering my soul to someone. But it works in fiction and movies. I get it. It has to. We only have but so long to convey the message. No heroine walks into a book halfway into a romance with the hero. How would the reader have empathy for anything they went through in the beginning of their romance? Where is the build? Oh yeah…it’s on pages 1-75. So, what makes it so unbelievable then to think my friend isn’t in love? I’m not sure, I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Point 2 that I can quickly recall. The movie, “The Longest Ride”, by Nicholas Sparks. The girl dates him only a one time before she rips off her clothes and magically they can’t live without each other. What? I found her to be a little loose quite frankly. I know, I know…that’s what sells. But is it real life? I guess so. For some. I don’t hang around people who have these types of things happen to them…but I wonder…is my friend going to fall to this “fictional” fate of love comes quickly? I’ll keep you posted. 🙂


Review of The Longest Ride

longest_rideExcuse me, as I must gush for a second. I don’t normally, for I always like to think of myself as a dignified movie critic of some sorts, reporting nothing but the facts and blunt opinions of myself and the people who see it with me. But, there is no way around it. Scott Eastwood was the only person I, and the other members of my entourage, were able to concentrate on. I strongly urge the female population to go and see it for this Adonis, alone! The amount of oohhing and aahhing from my row of seats got a few hushes from the back crowd. (guys probably, wishing they’d picked to see another movie with their date, because let’s face it, they were forgotten the moment Scott Eastwood took a seat on that bucking bull and clenched his chiseled jaw)

Seriously though …. Scott aside, the movie was really fantastic. Of course, Mr. Sparks continued his formula of love letters that paved the road to a flashback of lovers from another era with a conflict that mirrored present day lovers and their conflict. But, it worked yet again! The waffling back and forth between stories was done in a way that it was almost unnoticeable. Like soap operas where the spectator is so engrossed in the storyline of both, morsels of details get easily consumed without treachery.

Albeit, there were some “Oh, give me a break” moments for me. Where things were tidier on screen than they would be in real life, but that’s why we go to movies, right? To escape the harshness of reality and fall into some sort of magical trance of the make believe.  All in all, it ended with satisfaction, someone did die (well, perhaps a few did!), and lessons were learned. Everyone went out smiling, especially the women.

Although I can’t read Mr. Spark’s books, I do enjoy his movies. It was two hours of living someone else’s lives and enjoying every minute of it. The scenery (North Carolina, of course) was spot on, the cast was perfect, and the storyline made you want to fall in love all over again! It’s a must see;-)

On an added note, the movie convinced me to go on a diet, too! The girls in this movie were so tiny it made me feel like a whale. I suddenly stopped eating my popcorn, sat up in my seat, sucked in a bit, and promised myself the next day I’d stop eating all together. (I thought the camera added pounds. What did these girls weigh, eighty pounds?)