AGESince I had nothing else to do last night. *clears throat* Like work on edits or wash clothes so my children don’t go to school naked, I decided to kick back and watch “The Age of Adaline.” In my defense, I was supposed to watch it Friday and keeping it over meant I’d have to pay Redbox another dollar, so I had to watch it.

Plot: Adaline, played by the very tall, Blake Lively (I mention this because it’s fascinating to see such tall people; I’m 5’4″), crashes off a bridge and because of some whacky tale about lightning and frigidness, cannot age past 29 years. So she ends up moving every seven or so years, creating a new identity, yada, yada, yada. Until one day she falls in love with Ellis, played by Michiel Huisman, and goes to his parent’s house for an anniversary party. It is there that she sees an old lover, played by Harrison Ford, and the truth about her identity becomes jeopardized. Without spoiling the rest, I’ll leave it there.

First, I must say it was a far-fetched notion to have the aging process stop. I get it, it’s Hollywood, and that’s what silly ideas are made for. But it wasn’t perfectly played out in the movie. By which I’m referring to backstory. Granted, it’s very difficult to show the viewer that this is why she doesn’t age, and this is why blah, blah, blah. It just seemed very thrown in there. Like “we’ve paused the action of the movie to bring you details of what’s really happened….so you’ll understand the rest.” And this technique of flashbacks were inserted everywhere. I found it to be distracting, personally. And by the sound of my snoring boyfriend, lying next to me, he really wasn’t feeling it, either.

With that said, I liked it. Not loved it, but liked it. Did I think it was worth another buck late charge for the Redbox rental? I’m not sure. It’s over now, and so is the two hours or so it took of my life to watch it. I did, however, enjoy seeing Harrison Ford act again. After all, he’s who I named my first born after. Well, sort of. I just really like his name. It’s upstanding, confident, and clean. Harrison. Yeah, it was nice to see his face. Even if it came during the last half hour of the movie, and then flashed back to a younger him. That guy did well, too. Whoever he was.