Dear Hallmark,


I love you…I really do. But…..this weekend was a little too soon to begin the Christmas marathon. It makes me think the holiday is just around the corner, when in fact Halloween is!!! Yes, that’s right. We have yet to take our turn around the ol’neighborhood, dressed up as super heroes and types of food. It was 80 degrees today in my neck of the woods, for goodness sakes. Your movies, although I can watch them till my eyes cross, need to wait just a few more weeks. Until Thanksgiving, at least. That’s when I get the spirit stirring in my bones. Not now while my scarecrow is standing proud on my porch and the mums are smiling in the last warm days the forecast has to offer. I try to think back and remember–did everything move with the speed of light when I was younger? Were we shopping for Valentines on the heels of the New Year? Doing a warm-up to black Friday in the dead heat of July? I wonder…when did we begin to hurry everything up? Unless you’re a thirteen year old girl, counting the days down until you’re sixteen and can drive…aren’t we supposed to be relaxing and taking it all in? Slowing down the aging process…stopping Father Time as best we can–why can’t we start it with the holiday rush? And slow this train down a little. 🙂


A true-blue fan, who will probably watch even though it feels too soon.


I am that parent!

boredom598x5681-881x499Do you remember being younger, when all that was offered on television was about 4 channels. And you had to turn the dial on the antennae to pick them up? Am I showing my age? Or were we the only poor family who didn’t have cable? Was cable even offered? Oh, Lordy! Well yes, it happened. We’d set the dial and listen to the rotation of the big thing on top the house. So here’s what was offered most of the day…soap operas from lunch until after 3. Then the horrid news began at 5 and took you through to dinner. First the local news, then the national news. I can still remember the way it felt when my eyes rolled to the back of my head. News again??? What could my dad possibly get out of this one person going on and on and on about things that are so boring it was putting me to sleep. And all my siblings. And there was a moment when I’d catch even my dad dropping off. So why not turn the channel? Why watch the national news and prolong the agony? Didn’t we get tortured enough knowing what happened in our own neck of the woods? What could we do about what was happening nationally? Ahhhh….

Fast forward a few years. Yeah, that’s right. That’s me watching some crappy national news. Am I the remote controller? Not exactly. I’ve married a news watcher. But yeah, that’s me watching it. Understanding it. And it’s not entirely all that bad. As “not bad” as news can be. It’s just amazing how when I was younger, I felt as though my ears would bleed out hearing news anchors go on and on about nonsense. It felt like a most painful white noise. Now it’s coherent. And so I wonder…what do my kids hear when it’s on? At least they can flee to their own television room and watch a vast amount of whatever. Seriously, whatever. Cartoons are on like 5 networks, 24 hours a day. They even have gameshow networks, mystery networks, sports networks….I only got cartoons on Saturday mornings for a few hours. Wow…time has changed. And so have I! 🙂


Memories of a Great Show

northern exposureThis show takes me back to a really good time in my life. It used to come on every day at 11:00 sharp. That was the nap time for a tiny little boy I used to keep. I was a full-time nanny to a two-year old boy that is now 23 years old! Talk about feeling my bones crack after writing that. 🙂

The theme song beginning to play on the television signaled it was time to move ourselves from the play room to the rocking chair. Depending on how hard he’d played during the morning and what sleep he got the night before, I could lay him down to sleep by the first commercial break and return to watch the rest. Somewhere in between I’d start making lunch for when the little guy woke up.

I digress. This show was amazing. I loved the cast. Northern Exposure was my favorite show for quite awhile. I couldn’t say who my favorite character was. I loved Maggie–who didn’t? I wanted my hair to look just like hers. Unfortunately my face isn’t the same shape, so I just looked like a boy. And Chris was nothing but the truth. I wish he broadcasted radio in real life. I loved his take on things. Joel was a handful, although I loved his quirkiness. And I’m not sure Maurice’s character could be written in the same fashion with how political correct the world has become.

Don’t get me wrong, there were episodes that still pain me to watch. But as stupid as they were, they ended with a point. Like the one where Shelly saw dancing people everywhere she went, and the one where they were in Maggie’s dreams. I think the writer of the show was just a bit intoxicated while writing those. Still, all in all, I can pop in one of those DVDs at any time while I’m cooking in the kitchen, and it takes me right back to that time, long ago…when life was simple.


Binge Watching Television

Girls Watching TelevisionBy definition, binge means excessive, and we all know that anything in excess is not a good thing. But, last weekend I became somewhat of a sloth on Sunday. I sat in front of my television and binge watched Army Wives. It’s my new find. I purchased it during Christmas while buying a gift for my son. Quite a bad habit of mine. One for you, two for me. I know, right? Christmas? It’s all about giving, but it was there…and half off. So, nothing lost. And, I do mean nothing lost. It wasn’t long after I started watching that I became hooked. I needed to see the next one. But, as I preach to my kids about self control of one episode of whatever a day, so did I follow suit. That was until last Sunday. I watched like five episodes in a row. Yikes!! Okay, so first for those who don’t know me, I rarely sit long enough for this to take place. I’m usually washing clothes, ironing shirts, cleaning the kitchen, organizing the closet…something. But, after a long week at work, I became vegetative. It was wonderful while it lasted. Then, I rolled off the chair and realized what’d happened. All of my day was gone. The sun was moving below the horizon and everyone was winding down. What had I done? Suddenly I became regretful. Sure, I knew Claudia Joy had survived the car accident, Jeremy was coming home, and Trevor wasn’t getting deployed. But, what about the day. It was lost forever. Soon it would be time to go to sleep and get up to do it all again. And all I had was the itinerary of all the characters on Army Wives.

I suppose it’s alright to do this once in a blue moon, but I can’t see myself losing precious hours again by becoming moulded into my chair. Plus, one episode a day still gives me something to look forward to. Anyone else watching during the airing of the show has to wait a week. And, one a day is completely sufficient. After all, it’s the only television I watch.

I’ll try not to feel bad about it. But, I know that there is so much more out in the world to appreciate. It only takes an hour to shake the trembles for loading the next episode. Get past that and you’ve beat the addiction for the day. I believe it should be a treat, not a captor.



The Lure of Downton Abbey

downton-abbey-05I admit, I might be one of the few that hasn’t been awaiting each week for the next episode of Downton Abbey. Crazy as it seems, I’ve yet to read FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Why? I guess I was never much for being a follower. I don’t have much more of an explanation than that. But, when my “boyfriend” bought me season one of this brilliant show for Christmas, how could I refuse? So, I watched it. And, by great surprise it took very little time until I was finished and needing to see the next season. And the next season. Actually, I’m only on season three at the moment, but since it recently had a finale, I thought I’d blog about what a gem it was to find and enjoy.

Who could disagree? If you’re into character development, you’ll love the bouquet of people this series has to offer. I’m certain that no matter who you are, you can identify with either someone from the upstairs or someone from the downstairs. And, I’m also certain that you can compare at least two or three of these amazing characters to people you know. You have the deceitful footman with the cunning maid; on the flip side, you have the valet with all the integrity of the man of the house with his girlfriend, the housekeeper who you just want as your best friend.

It’s been awhile since a show has held my attention as this one has proven to do. It’s worth a watch. It’s also free if you have Kindle Prime. Win-win!