I’m such a magnet to…

traffic…the dumb lane. You know, the one that goes nowhere. As in grocery lanes that look as though the people have little to no groceries, so you stand behind them and lo and behold the lane next to you, with six families looking as though they’re stocking up for 12 feet of snow, ends up leaving before your things hit the conveyor belt. Yes, that is me in the grocery store and me yesterday, sitting in traffic. Six and a half hours…I repeat…six and a half hours to go to a place that is usually four hours drive time. And yes, I got in all the possible dumb lanes I could find. But enough ranting. What did I expect. After all, it is Thanksgiving week. Happily, all that traveling resulted in my college boy coming home. Yay!!

Before the ooey, gooey, go and stop of traffic, I went shopping. I stopped off in Williamsburg and hit the outlets for some Christmas buying. I did very well, but I was lonely. No one could go with me. Frankly, it was a first. It’s so much better going with a BFF or a mother. My mother specifically. She was, instead, shopping for hams and turkeys. This Thanksgiving she’s doing the hosting.

Then came lunch…..Best. Lunch. Ever. I stopped in at The New York Deli. The bomb!! I ordered a hot Delly sandwich. Ahhmazing. It had ham, turkey, lettuce, provolone, mustard, mayo, and the skinniest pickle slices I’ve ever had to caress my tastebuds. The bread was magic. It was like a rye sub roll, crunchy on the edges, and ohh so warm. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Lovely!!! And it was like a foot long. I had to carry one half around with me, just so it wouldn’t get hot in the car. I enjoyed it all over again, while I sat in traffic.

I got home late, tired, and blurry-eyed. All-in-all it was a most lovely day. 🙂