Seriously Marvel??

Okay…so I write “Searching For Sarah” and leave it on a semi-cliff hanger and I get bombarded with poor reviews and mean mail for why I did this, and we have a multi-million dollar franchise out there doing what they just did and …what? What’s being done about this? I want to know. I sit in a theater for 2.5 hours watching this…this…movie (which is not my genre to watch) and I get this ending? Seriously?????

Let me back up a paragraph and just let you know why I found myself in the throws of such a movie as this. It was my daughter’s birthday. And she loves Marvel. Lord knows why. Oh yeah, it could be she has 4 brothers and there’s little hope for chick flicks ever getting in the way of her vision with them around. Anyway, so she asks me to attend the movie with her. Which by the way, she’s meeting her bestie there, so what am I serving for this? Oh well…anyway, I haven’t seen any of the other movies so I have no idea who does what or why. Then I get into it and find out this is a part one. Uh, what? Now I have to wait for the next one. Are you kidding me? Don’t they make one every two years or something? Oy.

Let’s see, other than the big birthday bash, I went with my college boy to Toys R Us. Another iconic store closing. Can you believe it? I took all my kids on their birthdays to this place. We’d stop by the front desk, pick up their crown and balloon, and get announced on the loud speaker that if anyone saw us to stop and say happy birthday. Whose taking up for this tradition now? Who? I’ll tell you…Amazon. And there is no birthday virtual balloon there…no crown or loud announcement to the universe. Let’s face it, you shop deals now. Whoever can give it to you cheapest and in 2 days, without leaving your little living room and having to drive across town, or in my case 45 minutes. Amazon is replacing everyone. I’m pretty sure they had something to do with the end of Borders, too. Another Oy.

We’re getting warmer weather here so it’s time for the pollen invasion. Each morning my car looks as though it’s cloaked in a green foamy cape. Not good. I think of my lungs when I’m out for an extended amount of time. Is everyone getting this? Is this a Virginia thing? 

Enough about that, I’ve got to get some sleep. I get so cranky when I’m sleepy. It’s like if I don’t eat for two days, no biggie. (well, sort of a biggie) But if I get cheated out of 2 hours of sleep, a mean dog stirs inside and I bite off everyone’s head. Not cool. Now if I could just shut off my mind long enough to catch some z’s. Till next time, my friendly followers! 🙂


Sleep Anyone?

sleepI was particularly grumpy today. I’ve been that way for the last week or so. Why is it that most parents I talk to, all agree that after their kids go to sleep, they feel the need to stay up late and enjoy the alone time? It’s like I’m one-eyed until midnight…barely hanging on, but continuing the fight of sleep, just so I can be by myself. Doing nothing really. The mere idea of being alone keeps me awake. “Hey, I can eat ice cream and read magazines while watching movies until the light of day if I want! And no one can stop me. No one will ask for a spoonful, to change the channel, or why I’m not in the kitchen stirring up a meal. Nope, it’s just me. Me, me, me!!!”

It doesn’t help that I have a promotional month with all the movie channels. I flip and watch, flip and watch…until I’m comatose. Then morning comes and I’m a bear. A real, live bear. My boyfriend is the total opposite. If he doesn’t sleep, he can still function. He can put a new roof on a house, dig a ditch, and paint the barn. Whatever. Now deny him food and it’s a new story. Bear claws will be seen. It’s a good thing we aren’t alike in this manner. Food is a “whatever” for me. I can starve, eat a ritz cracker, and be fine to carry on.

Why do I continue to do it? I know morning is coming. It comes the same time (about) each day. I’m staring at the clock, watching the minutes tick by, and still I make a conscious decision to stay awake. I know! Maybe I’ll set all the clocks back a bit. Like anyone will know they’re getting a head start to slumber. I just might try it. Then I have a fighting chance to get in bed before midnight. And people around me the next day are a little more at ease. 🙂


Dream Interpretation

Black-bearDoes anyone believe that dreams have meanings? To a certain extent I believe dreams are an extension of your subconscious. Things that you are scared to do in real life or things on your mind during the daylight hours, tend to pop up in unusual dreams. I don’t, therefore, look for symbolism in a dream in which I’m going to a party and having a good time. I embrace the getaway and wake up refreshed the next day. However, when I dream of something you’d find being described in a conversation with a psychiatrist, I take note.

Last spring I dreamed of a white bull. It was at the end of a street. I was a block away from it and could feel my insides quake when I saw air blow from its nostrils. I knew I couldn’t outrun it, and usually I’m the type that collapses in fear rather than run, but I took off. The more I felt the muscles in my legs burn, the less I heard its hooves on the pavement behind me. I turned to see it not chasing me. Then I woke up. Turns out white bulls are a sign of wealth! Perhaps I wish it had chased me:) Ironically speaking, we are now getting a white bull. Coincidence?

So last night, I dreamed someone gave me a black bear to carry on my back. At first I didn’t think I was able to carry it, but as soon as I hoisted it up around my shoulders, it was actually comfortable. Warm, even. I carried this little electric blanket, breathing, terror everywhere I went. I walked these weird paths with two other faceless people, searching for someone. I didn’t really know who. My sister? Anyway, when I went into places I became nervous, almost freaking out that people would see this bear and they wouldn’t understand. They’d think I was strange, try to take it away, or hurt it in some way. On the contrary, when I confronted my first situation with strangers no one saw it. No one flinched, looked over my shoulder, or waivered from staring  me in the eyes. Didn’t they see it?

The longer the time I had with it the more it’d become my security … my baby. Yes! I even felt it was like my baby. Something I had to guard and protect. Weird, huh? It never occurred to me to wonder why it couldn’t walk itself. Or where was I taking it to?

I looked it up when I awoke this morning and the consistent meaning I found was it represented fear. I suppose that would make sense why no one could see it. Now I guess I need to wonder about what I’m fearing. Why couldn’t I have dreamed of being a racecar driver or something fun? These deep thoughts are too much for a Sunday morning!


The Perfect Sleep


Does anyone have that child or know of that child that needs their special blankie or teddy bear to fall asleep? Luckily, I didn’t have that such child, but I do know what it takes for me to achieve the perfect sleep.

Not until recently did I know that the body releases a chemical that makes us go to sleep. Am I the only one? Now that I know that, I love experimenting with the moment right before I drop off.  My eyes get droopy, I feel light, and all I want to do is fall out of consciousness. It’s really hard to stop once it begins. But, like that child who needs their favorite toy to go to sleep, there are a few requirements I have to make for the perfect sleep. Trust me, it doesn’t happen often. It’s like a moon phase that only comes around way too infrequently.

  1. It has to be on the weekend.
  2. It has to be between the hours of 7a.m -9a.m.
  3. The comforter has to be raised to block out the light from the window. (I have no window shades)
  4. I have to be completely alone in the bed.
  5. One leg has to be out of blankets and thrown across extra pillow, which is situated between the knees.
  6. Door has to be shut to the bedroom.

If all of the above has been checked off, I can get some major quality snooze time.


But, like the perfect sleep, there are the perfect things that can happen to wake me up anytime.

  1. Nagging bladder because I had that extra drink right before bedtime.
  2. A child standing in the doorway of my room. They don’t have to say a word, I just know they’re there…watching me.
  3. A four pound Yorkie’s nails walking across the floor.
  4. Someone flushing a toilet…on the second floor of the house.
  5. Boyfriend not in bed yet…because he is either fallen asleep in living room or working late in office.

And so I shall try my hand now at going to bed. (It’s 10:00 and I’ve got to get up at 5 to go and make the cannoli’s!) It’s Monday, so the perfect sleep is already off the table for the morning. That and I work. Next try will be Saturday, but I leave on vacation. So, that blue moon seems to be further away than I thought.

Bonne Nuit, my friends!