Happy Thoughts in a Sad World


This country was a very weird place to be this week. Without going into the weeds of personal thoughts, I felt the weight of the world was a bit heavier. There was grief, elation, disbelief, sighs of relief, and complete chaos. The emotional rate, if weighed on a scale, was off the charts. My 8 year old son told me his third grade class was even divided into people who wanted this candidate to win and those who wanted the other. Are you kidding me? What do they know about politics? And since when do you have a playground fight about being republican versus democrat? Crazy times. All I did on the playground at his age was giggle about who was going under the big oak tree to pretend ‘get married’. And then take off running to do flips on the monkey bars. I never remember spouting off about a presidential election. Thank goodness.

I digress. My post was intended to focus on mindfulness. Which I practice every day of my life. Ever find yourself thinking stupid things? As small as, ‘Crap, what do I have to make for dinner tonight? I have no groceries in the house. We had junk last night. And for the love of all that’s sacred…I don’t want to go over to so-in-so’s house tomorrow. Why can’t I just say I’m busy?’     Thoughts such as these dance like sugarplums in my little brain a lot! There’s no goodness to be found. I have to redirect them to positive things, such as going through a plan of what I’ll make and how easy it’ll be. ‘I’ve got this. It’s going to be fine. I love just eating with my kids. Who cares if it’s breakfast night. Everyone likes pancakes.’ 🙂

Or, ‘I hate these shoes. Why do I consistently put these ugly things on my feet?’   If I don’t watch it, this type of stinking’ thinkin’ roams freely in my head. I have to consciously think better things. It’s called mindfulness thinking. Steering my thought to good places. Being the driver of them, not the passenger. ‘These shoes may be ugly as sin, but they’re broken in and feel good. I’ll just stay behind my desk a little more today!’

All of my thoughts are not the truth. I have to remember that one, too. Has your child ever been late and instantly you think you’re going to receive a call from the police telling you they’re in a ditch? Yep, that’d be me again! My mind is full of these fun gems. And that’s why I have to take the wheel and steer them to better places. And it works! But boy is it tiring.

So in a world that is so divided right now, I have to pull my energy to find all the goodness. And when you look for good and think for good, it will find you! Just try it yourself!


Friday…The Chosen Day

fridaydoDo you act differently on Friday than say…Wednesday? Of course you do! And so do so many other people. Let’s face it, Monday is the devil and Friday is…FRIDAYYYY!!!!

My friend and I were having lunch today and she said something that made me think. She said that all we do is live out the week looking forward to the weekend, and before you know it, another year has gone by; it’s summer again, your kids are going into another grade, and BAM! it’s Christmas! It doesn’t take too long with this thinking before everything that used to be…isn’t.

Why don’t we ever just enjoy Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday? I’ll give ya a pass on Monday. Monday will always be the stink eye day of the week. It’s the Debbie downer that ruins the weekend. It’s the stumbling block that ends the fun…the relaxation, the day that takes you back to reality.

They say enjoy the journey on the way to your destination. It’s difficult sometimes. You’ve got your mind so set on that end line–that goal, that all the people you met along the way there, all the things you did…well, they’ve become background noise. Something you flew by without even taking the time to enjoy them. Because before you know it, all that’s going to stick out in your mind is Friday. Theoretically.

Don’t get me wrong, Friday is wonderful. Magnificent. I don’t have to wake up early the next day, pack lunches, and go to work. Friday I wear a bigger smile, endure mean people better, and look for the silver linings. Okay, so I’ve just talked myself out of wading through Tuesday thru Thursday better. I’m going to have to treat them like Friday, I guess. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. That way I’ll enjoy the journey, be happy, and pretend it’s Friday again!  (I wonder how long this will last?) It doesn’t matter today….because it really is Friday! 🙂

Have we learned anything from this rant? I didn’t think so.


Everything causes cancer

sandwichI read an article today about how sandwich meat causes cancer. Hellooo? Yes, I realize it’s processed, but what am I supposed to pack my little boy for lunch? And sure, I buy the kind that says ‘all natural’ but who are we kidding? All natural what? He hates peanut butter and jelly, although he devours peanut butter with chocolate and apples (go figure). And he won’t do the veggie sticks and cracker thing. He’s a little bit on the tooth-challenged side right now—he’s missing his front two. I usually would just read the article and go “whatever. I ate ham sandwiches and I’m still here.” But the truth is, it said it pushes him into the bracket of 18% higher at risk because I’m shoveling it into his lunch bag everyday. And don’t get me started on the roast I’m making for dinner tonight that is sure to take 3 days off everyone’s life at my dinner table.

I’m not naïve to think these things don’t pose a risk. I mean look at bacon…who makes something so tasty and then holds a sign up over it telling you it causes colon cancer? I’ve tried to curb my love for Bessy—I’ve visited her at petting zoos, watched her pink little body snort and dig, thinking to myself, “that’s what bacon is, girl.” To just come home and the next morning fry up a pound of it and block out the events from the previous day. “Oh, that’s not her in the skillet. This was a bad pig who never knew what the feel of dirt between her toes was like.” Anything to ignore what I’m truly eating. But the buck stops when I get the statistics.

Organics is the way to go. That’s what the word  on the street has been for the past five or so years. First of all, have you priced the stuff? Will all the poor people die much earlier than the ones who can afford the bumper crop of bananas from the organic side of the plantation? I hope not. If it’s better for you, why not offer it better prices? I’m all for the better stuff, but I can’t mortgage the house to keep it in my pantry.

I apologize for the rant, but seriously…what do you pack your kid for lunch? I’d love to know some ideas. Does a fruit snack and a couple crackers really fill them up?