Full Circle

Well I did it! I made it through my son’s first year at college. ūüôā I feel like I was just here…plucking away at this computer, moaning and groaning about what I was going to do without him. And next week he’ll be back. Never more to be a freshman. I pointed this fact out to him this weekend, and he’s sort of bummed about it. Yes, he’s quite a sensitive chap. Things like never being a single digit again (turning 10 was big for him), or his last year home as a “kid”, were milestones. But I think he’s ready to return. I’m ready for him to return. It’s not terrible when he’s away for a long time. I get used to it. But when he comes back for say a week, it’s hard to get used to him being gone again.

Anyway, onto other things. I have a book releasing this week! Woo-hoo. Can’t wait. Jumping up and down on the inside. You just can’t see it. ūüôā It’s amazing to think I’m beginning another series, but I am. As usual, I’m a bit nervous how everyone will perceive Sarah. I’m resolved to know there will be some who don’t get her, some who think I’m writing their own story, and a few that stop reading after page 10. I get it. I’m that person, too. Everyone is. Reading is so subjective. For instance, I’m judging a writing competition this month, and there was one submission that I couldn’t read. I had to turn it back in and request someone else judge it. It wouldn’t be fair for me to do it. It’s just not my cup of tea. Heck, it wasn’t even tea, in my world. It’s not that it was poorly written, it just wasn’t something I could endure any longer. Past page four. But it amazes me how someone can read something I’ve written, not reach page 10 and plaster it with a one star on Amazon and Goodreads. I was raised that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything. Oh well, not all were raised with the same theory, I suppose.

Onto depressing. Because doesn’t everyone need a bit of gloom in their day? Not really, but I had to mention it. Erin Moran died. Joanie Cunningham, as I’ll always remember her. What a sad life she turned out to have. I mean you have Ritchie, the now-director of blockbuster films, then you have his kid sister. Living without money, in a very depressed fashion of a life. What happened, Joanie? It in no way resembled her character on Happy Days. I think some people, no matter what cards they’re dealt, will have to struggle. And it’s sad. 56 years old. Rest in peace.

I hope everyone has a great week. I’ve got 3 birthdays to celebrate this week. My daughter’s is one of them. All of my kids get to choose their dinner and their dessert on their day. She has chosen spaghetti (in which I like the least…okay, I hate spaghetti), and white cake and white icing. Is she even my kid? No chocolate? I’m going to have to serve chocolate ice cream on the side or something. I hope I can make it without wincing. White on white?

Until next time!


Back to School and Other Stuff

back to schoolI’ve been busy lately, going and re-going to the stores for school supplies. How many hand sanitizers does one really need in a classroom? It’s not even healthy to keep pumping alcohol onto kids hands, is it? I mean, just send them over to the little sink and have them wash with soap and water. But, anyway. I’m not completely hip on the whole mammoth-sized amounts¬†of supplies you have to cart into the classroom on the first day, anyway. And, all the notebooks? I don’t have to tell you that buying for five children¬†can get pretty pricey.

I’ve been doing other things lately, too. I’m happy to report I received my first¬†round of edits for WAKING AMY. Did I¬†mention that in my last post? I hope not. Nothing like duplicate information overload. Anyway,¬†I’ve been busy working on them. It’s surreal getting back my manuscript with all the red markings. Well, not that many red markings. Some…very little, in fact:) I’m beginning to see that I use commas a little too freely. Like everywhere I pause breathing. I thought that was the right way. Turns out, I was wrong. So, there’s a lot of taking out of the little cute curls I like to add too much. See, I just did it again!

Back to going¬†back to school. Only a few of my children are ready. The girl to be¬†more specific. Of course the girl is ready. Aren’t all girls? My girl in particular is¬†Extremely organized. I’m not sure how¬†she endured summer at all. I mean there was nothing to organize.¬†No homework, no quizzes to study for… So now¬†she’s happy. Already planned her first outfit for the first day.

The school¬†thought my fourth child had moved and didn’t have him on any roster or in the system.¬†Really? Like he’s the only one of the family that moved? So they¬†quickly pecked something on the computer and presto! Here is your teachers for math, science, and reading.¬†I hope¬†it was tied into some type of learning analysis and not just the teacher with the least amount of students.

I suppose I’ll get back to my¬†edits. Then I’ll go back to the store tomorrow for¬†some more baggies, pens, and 20 more packs of paper. Oh, and five more boxes of tissues I’ll never know if was necessary.¬†You’d think they were going abroad for study…in a¬†hut…without running water…with desperate needs of ziplocks¬†(gallon-sized¬†if you’re a boy)¬†and tons of pronged folders, and sets of headphones with USB sticks.

It’s not like they’ll run out of lead in the first semester and¬†the¬†supply stores will all shut down. Five packs of pencils for each child? Let’s¬†take this year¬†two notebooks at a time. Can we?