A Little Privacy … Please

BIG BROTHERHave you ever clicked on a site and shopped around for something. Maybe a piece of artwork or a new watch? Then a day later, you’re scrolling through your mail account, on a totally unrelated venue, and all of a sudden there pops up the images you’d shopped the day before. The lady on the riverbank, posing with her umbrella, priced a hundred dollars too high. Or, that watch with the diamonds and mother of pearl face, coupled with five other ones people like you looked at when deciding which one to purchase. I know furniture salesman that aren’t that pushy. Talk about invasion of privacy.

You can’t do much now that doesn’t signal to the “internet police” so they can haunt you for the next few weeks with suggestions bases on searches. Or, how about when you want to log into a site and they suggest just logging into Facebook or Titter. That’ll do the trick. Then, like magic, your information appears before your eyes for the best time to get your puppy groomed at Petsmart. It’s a little creepy, if you ask me. My mother-in-law puts a piece of tape over her computer camera. She’s convinced someone’s watching her. I laughed at first. But, who knows, it’s turning out to be like something you used to see in movies. As far-fetched ideas. Only these are coming true.

And crime? Now, the first thing investigators do is check someone’s Facebook account. That seems to shed more light on what the person was doing and the sites they were visiting, than just to interrogate neighbors and friends.

The Amish way of life is becoming a little appealing as of late. Granted, there will be less shopping, but at least among the simpler order, without technology, no one can see your thoughts. But, just give America a little time, they might have the computer chip already designed to insert in you. You think your baby is going off to get bathed right after birth, but really it’s getting chipped for constant, future surveillance.  And you? When you went in for that “routine” teeth cleaning, they slapped the device just far enough back in your throat that you can’t see it when you brush your teeth. Just sayin’.

P.S. If I disappear after writing this, alert no one. “They”, already, are aware:)