Friday night movie night at the Dove house! Stovetop corn popped, peach gummies in check, and my tea waiting on the nightstand to be be sipped. Now all that was needed was a good romantic comedy. Uh…I’m still waiting. Yes, it’s Saturday morning, but I’m pondering what I watched last night. What I gave up precious hours of my life to never get back.

I wanted to like it. I begged to like it. Look at the star. I love her in other movies. Four Christmases, Walk the Line, Sweet Home Alabama…. So what went wrong?

First the acting was off, the camera shooting was amateur-like, and the characters were…a strange medley to say the least. I’d have to say, I didn’t really care or was invested in any of them. Not to mention the storyline. Who takes in 3 complete strangers, guys no doubt, to live with you and your 2 daughters? Who? And then to tell one of the strangers, of whom you’ve known a day, to take your child to guitar lessons? In your deceased father’s vintage Porsche? It just wasn’t believable. Nothing was. There was a scene in which one of the guys she moved into her sanctuary, for no reason, hit her husband in the face. Out of nowhere!!! For no reason. Sheesh!!

So what was good about it, you ask? The movie had that weird vibe of “It’s Complicated”. And I love that movie. Turns out this director was the daughter of the woman who directed that one. They even used similar scores in this one, and they shared food in the kitchen. (you know what I mean if you’ve watched “It’s Complicated” or “Something’s Gotta Give” even more than twice!)

Anyway, the ol’ hubster gave this one a two on the snore-o-meter. He was out cold before the last half hour. I was determined to see what happened, though. There were 3 men in chase of Reese. So with half-shut eyes and the clock about to strike 12:30 I hung on for the last scene…the one that would wrap it all…the one to tell me who it was that ended up with her. ……………..and nothing. Nope, nothing. Fade to black, nothing.

So to all the readers who threw raw eggs at me during the Sarah series when I didn’t bring closure for them after book one….I apologize. Completely.

Yep, truly I am. But understand this, my next book will have double closure. Zip locked, ironclad, double-laced closure. I know this to be true. Because who wants to spend the time being invested….for nothing.

You all have a great weekend…and stay away from those movies that don’t wrap it up for ya!!


Friday Night Movie

atonement_ver6I received this little baby in my Valentine stash, so we decided to give it a whirl this Friday night. Umm, let’s see…where to begin? Maybe at the snore-ometer. You know, that’s the point in the movie my boyfriend seems to begin snoring. It was about 40 minutes into it, to be perfectly accurate. Had he been awake, I’m sure he might not have given it high marks. You figure, 7 award nominations? Wow, it must be great. Not entirely true. However, maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for their shenanigans tonight.

Writing a book…(small tangent, I promise)…writing a book, you learn that there has to be a reason of “care” in the first couple of pages. I have to write a character that someone is going to give two hoots as to what happens to them. Therefore, carrying your reader through the chapter, thus moving forward to the problem, the climax, and the happily ever after. Not so much care found here. I looked over (before he fell asleep) and remarked, “I don’t really care”. I was very detached from all the characters from the onset. It wasn’t until the last quarter of the movie that I began to care. It sort of came at the point they played a piece of music by Debussy. Que the swoon. Clair de lune is my all-time favorite. And the scene the music came from made entirely no sense at all. None. Period. It was thrown in there just to muster up some care, I felt.

And then there was the war scenes. Are you kidding me? I hate war scenes. Double hate, in fact. It’s depressing, makes me feel bad, and I know someone is not going to make it out alive. Hate, hate, hate the war scenes. I get exhausted and worked up just lying in my bed watching them!


Perhaps I should’ve began my post with quick synopsis: (which by the way, is like the movie–the scenes are done in reverse) A girl sees her sister in a precarious position with a fellow she likes, and does something to change the fate of all their lives. And to make up for it, she writes a book in which she alters the ending in a way to atone for her behavior. A auto-biography, to be exact.

Maybe I just wasn’t feelin’ it. Maybe I needed some skittles. Seems we’re all out, and popcorn just isn’t the same without those fruity pieces in the bowl to counteract the salt. Or perhaps I’m older, and I don’t see the fun and entertainment in putting forth effort to make a tragedy. Did I like Romeo and Juliet? I thought I did. I found the romanticism in it all. Of course that was many years ago, but I could empathize. This movie I watched, although it claimed wildly romantic on the cover, fell completely short of the advertisement. There was no point. No point at all. It, in my opinion, was a whole bunch of hoopla to try and evoke a feeling of passion and despair, and it could have done so much more, had it had a happy ending. We really didn’t have to go there with the tragedy, now did we? The real world is packed with tragedy as it is.


I had high hopes for this one. I really like Keira Knightley. I liked her in Begin Again, and I certainly loved her in Pride and Prejudice. Now that was a tidy romance. It made you bleed a bit for the injustice of love in the dark, but in the end, there was light!!! Where was my light in Atonement? Huh? Where was the light?

Cheated on a Friday night. Either way, I own it. Maybe I’ll let the dust settle of my first impression, plop it in a year from now, make sure I have a bag of skittles, and try it again. I might’ve missed something. 🙂 Yeah, I doubt it.



My Birthday

video-hello-my-name-is-doris-coffee-videoSixteenByNine1050I got all my birthday wishes today! Usually when it’s time for my birthday and I have a chance to see a movie, nothing is playing that I want to see. This day was different. I got the Asian lunch, the movie, the popcorn, the dinner out with family, and my favorite shake! And knock on wood, I’m not sick from it all yet. (The kiddies even went home with Grandma for the night!)

Hello, My Name is Doris was really good. Not what I thought it would be, but I’m not sure what I expected. There were some scenes that I thought, what? But it was all good. (Doris had a very active imagination). Basically, for people who haven’t seen the trailer, it’s about Doris who is an older lady and she has a hot crush on a younger guy. It made me laugh out loud a few times. It’s so typical of what women think and do.

I enjoyed it most because it reminded me of how crucial it is to walk out of your comfort zone every now and then…experience things you’d never do before…be someone different for a change. Life can be so much more fascinating when you take chances. New worlds unfold themselves right before your eyes. Life is short…just do it!

I hate to bring this around to my books, but it really enhanced my awareness for writing the third book in the Amy series. Amy is so routine. Work, home, farmer’s market on the weekend. She rarely ever veers from her daily routine. But, you get molded into things when you stay walking in the same footsteps every day. Living is not habits…it’s trying new things on. I think I’ll keep that in mind when I’m formulating Amy’s final chapter. Wings are what lift you from walking in those same footsteps! 🙂


Movie Night Out!

the choiceValentine’s Day…picture it; I’m eating dinner at an actual restaurant and seeing a movie afterwards! It would have to be a holiday for that to happen!

And so, after a lovely meal,  we decided to go see a movie. And who would’ve guessed, but Nicholas Sparks had his new one out, just in time for Valentine’s day!

Let me begin with the cast. I think they did a fabulous job. I hate going to the movies and seeing the same actors. It was refreshing to see some new faces. The lead guy was charming. A bit of a player, a cutie, and had a pinch of a southern twang. The lead girl was pretty, feisty, and was confused with what she wanted. Or rather, who she wanted.

I’d have to say that I think Sparks’ other movies were better in content. Although there was plenty to like of this setup, he just didn’t deliver it as eloquently as the ones before it. This one worked up nicely to building a relationship between the two lead roles, but it quickly wrapped up and offered a second conflict to the story. It was like I was in a car traveling 20 mph, then it switched to 55, then we stopped, then it took off to 50, and slowed down to 15…all the way to the end. It got to the point, in the last twenty minutes, that I was looking around the theater, watching the lights on the wall. Searching out the exit sign. Because you knew where it was going, but it just kept dragging on.

He also failed to develop characters that were richly offered. The dad for example. The dad had a story all to himself. And the main guy’s relationship with his mother–the reason he was the way he was…emotionally detached. That was never dealt with. And there were even parts in the movie that was discussed, having not happened. You’d have to watch it in order to understand.

All in all, it was a nice thought but poorly executed. It felt patched and hurried. No wonder it received poor ratings. I’ll buy it when it comes out for sale, no doubt. If only to have in my collection of things to watch while I write out bills or other things.

As always, my favorite aspect of these movies is the location. I could live where this was filmed. I loved the low country scenes of the south. It made me want to dial up Realtor.com and search for real estate there!


My Problem with Unhappy Endings

thLHP0Y7OIThis is full of spoilers!! Not that I would care if I was reading this, but for those who have not watched this movie or read the book, I am discussing the unhappiness of it all. Beware.

So, I’m on day five of being stuck at home from the blizzard of 2016. Which isn’t such a horrible thing, but I’d like the option of leaving if I wanted to. We tried to go, to no avail. The car got miserably stuck on our outrageously long driveway, and so it sits out there mid-way to the main road. Maybe tomorrow…

Anyway, I had this movie on today while I was responding to some emails. It was my third time watching it. The setting brings me peace. A beach in the Carolinas…good music…and Richard Gere! Now the problem comes when Nicholas Sparks tries to infuse heartache in it for affect. I mean really? The catch phrase on the box is, “It’s never too late for a second chance.” Really? Who had a second chance, exactly? They stayed a couple nights at the house, slept together once, and promised to meet up after he got back from saving the world. That’s the second chance? A chance that he would come back? And how do you fall incredibly in love after one night? For all the crying she did? Those must have been some terrific letters they wrote to one another.

You see, I, too, thought that to get someone’s attention, someone had to die. Not true. I’ve come to realize that people like happy endings. I do, myself. Shockingly. I used to not be so Disney-esque.

This movie would’ve been so much better had he come back for dinner, and they actually did have the second chance. It was a major cop-out and let down, quite frankly. Yet still, I watch it. Go figure.



AGESince I had nothing else to do last night. *clears throat* Like work on edits or wash clothes so my children don’t go to school naked, I decided to kick back and watch “The Age of Adaline.” In my defense, I was supposed to watch it Friday and keeping it over meant I’d have to pay Redbox another dollar, so I had to watch it.

Plot: Adaline, played by the very tall, Blake Lively (I mention this because it’s fascinating to see such tall people; I’m 5’4″), crashes off a bridge and because of some whacky tale about lightning and frigidness, cannot age past 29 years. So she ends up moving every seven or so years, creating a new identity, yada, yada, yada. Until one day she falls in love with Ellis, played by Michiel Huisman, and goes to his parent’s house for an anniversary party. It is there that she sees an old lover, played by Harrison Ford, and the truth about her identity becomes jeopardized. Without spoiling the rest, I’ll leave it there.

First, I must say it was a far-fetched notion to have the aging process stop. I get it, it’s Hollywood, and that’s what silly ideas are made for. But it wasn’t perfectly played out in the movie. By which I’m referring to backstory. Granted, it’s very difficult to show the viewer that this is why she doesn’t age, and this is why blah, blah, blah. It just seemed very thrown in there. Like “we’ve paused the action of the movie to bring you details of what’s really happened….so you’ll understand the rest.” And this technique of flashbacks were inserted everywhere. I found it to be distracting, personally. And by the sound of my snoring boyfriend, lying next to me, he really wasn’t feeling it, either.

With that said, I liked it. Not loved it, but liked it. Did I think it was worth another buck late charge for the Redbox rental? I’m not sure. It’s over now, and so is the two hours or so it took of my life to watch it. I did, however, enjoy seeing Harrison Ford act again. After all, he’s who I named my first born after. Well, sort of. I just really like his name. It’s upstanding, confident, and clean. Harrison. Yeah, it was nice to see his face. Even if it came during the last half hour of the movie, and then flashed back to a younger him. That guy did well, too. Whoever he was.


Review of The Longest Ride

longest_rideExcuse me, as I must gush for a second. I don’t normally, for I always like to think of myself as a dignified movie critic of some sorts, reporting nothing but the facts and blunt opinions of myself and the people who see it with me. But, there is no way around it. Scott Eastwood was the only person I, and the other members of my entourage, were able to concentrate on. I strongly urge the female population to go and see it for this Adonis, alone! The amount of oohhing and aahhing from my row of seats got a few hushes from the back crowd. (guys probably, wishing they’d picked to see another movie with their date, because let’s face it, they were forgotten the moment Scott Eastwood took a seat on that bucking bull and clenched his chiseled jaw)

Seriously though …. Scott aside, the movie was really fantastic. Of course, Mr. Sparks continued his formula of love letters that paved the road to a flashback of lovers from another era with a conflict that mirrored present day lovers and their conflict. But, it worked yet again! The waffling back and forth between stories was done in a way that it was almost unnoticeable. Like soap operas where the spectator is so engrossed in the storyline of both, morsels of details get easily consumed without treachery.

Albeit, there were some “Oh, give me a break” moments for me. Where things were tidier on screen than they would be in real life, but that’s why we go to movies, right? To escape the harshness of reality and fall into some sort of magical trance of the make believe.  All in all, it ended with satisfaction, someone did die (well, perhaps a few did!), and lessons were learned. Everyone went out smiling, especially the women.

Although I can’t read Mr. Spark’s books, I do enjoy his movies. It was two hours of living someone else’s lives and enjoying every minute of it. The scenery (North Carolina, of course) was spot on, the cast was perfect, and the storyline made you want to fall in love all over again! It’s a must see;-)

On an added note, the movie convinced me to go on a diet, too! The girls in this movie were so tiny it made me feel like a whale. I suddenly stopped eating my popcorn, sat up in my seat, sucked in a bit, and promised myself the next day I’d stop eating all together. (I thought the camera added pounds. What did these girls weigh, eighty pounds?)


“My Old Lady” Movie Review

my-old-lady02Believe it or not, I had time to watch a movie over the weekend! And, if I were any more tired than I was, I would’ve fallen asleep twenty minutes into it.

Don’t get me wrong, I was in love with the cast. I like Kristin Scott Thomas from her role opposite with Harrison Ford in “Random Hearts.” And, Kevin Kline is a likeable guy. Maggie Smith speaks for herself, especially now that I’m such a “Downton Abbey” snob. So, the cast had it going on! Now, to the premise of the story.

Kevin Kline’s character is down-trodden and quite a mess. He’s penniless and a recovering alcoholic with suicidal tendencies. His only good fortune comes from being named the beneficiary in his father’s will to an apartment in France. Leaving America with nothing more than a plane ticket to his name, he discovers he must wait for the tenant, Maggie Smith, to die before it’s his. Maggie tells him that he may remain at the apartment until he gets on his feet. While staying there, he finds evidence that she had an affair with his father. It is the thorn that drove his mother to suicide, hence one of the reasons he hated his dad so much.

Maggie Smith’s daughter, Kristin Scott Thomas, also lives in the apartment. From a child to present day, she knows her mother had a lover aside from her father. She’s surprised to find out that it was with Kevin Kline’s dad. Throughout the last hour of the movie, the two become closer because of the circumstances. They share in common the lack of father/daughter/son relationship due to the affair their parents had with one another.

I won’t include the ending, which incidentally my boyfriend snored through and knows not of what happened, either. But, I will say it had a predictable finale with a hole standing in the middle of it.

If I were to rate it on a scale of one to five, it would be a solid two point nine. (I like decimals, what can I say?) Whereas I felt like I was spending the two hours and some odd minutes of the movie blowing up an inflatable two storey building, I did like the storyline and characters. I’d say it was a case of missed opportunity. There were a million ways in which it could’ve been told, it’s unfortunate they took the slow lane in doing so, riding a turtle with only three legs!