You’ve Got Mail…On Friday!

You_ve_Got_Mail-575811674-largeWho doesn’t love “You’ve Got Mail”? That’s what is playing and keeping me company on this Friday morning. It’s my first day in forever that I am home alone. Even if it’s only for a few hours before going to work.

This movie is indeed a classic. My copy is so old and used that it wears coffee marks. Yet it continues to play. But come on, dial up connections? And actual brick and mortar bookstores? Both are going to be extinct one day and I fear this movie will be a “black and white” classic to my children. “Didn’t you used to watch that, Mom? Wow look, they have laptops…how old is that?” And I’ll say, “Yes, it was such a good movie. I watched it until the disk wore a hole in it.”

Anyway, this week has been CRAZY!! So many new things have happened to me. Two of which I plan to formally announce in a later post. But I did receive my cover art tease for book two, “A Reason to Stay.” It is fabulous. So cute. So flirty. I love it. I hope everyone else will. I have to come up with a blub line now, to add to it. You know, what will entice someone to actually consider reading it. No pressure there:) I’ll just procrastinate long enough until I grab an egg timer and demand my creative side of the brain to come up with it in the next five minutes, or else. It will happen, I know it. The egg timer scares my brain into fast production!

I’ve been working at my ‘old’ job this week. The one I can’t seem to ever leave and break free of. It depends on me too much. The one thing I do love about it is the people. The first two hours I return from not being there, I get to talk it up with everyone. Then the work comes…DOM, DOM, DOM. It involves paperwork, numbers, reconciliation, and tax forms. Ahh….  It’s all good. I will get to the end of the month and have all of these things completed. I’ll just go in when the place is closed, set the egg timer and get to it!

Well, back to everything I have to do this morning! I look over to my trusty movie…Tom Hanks is still being coy and Meg is still being her cute self. I always wanted her hair-do when she was doing all these movies. “French Kiss”, “When Harry Met Sally”… I’d take a picture of her to the hair stylist at least once a year, at which time I’d leave the establishment disappointed. My hair is simply too thin and too brown to pull it off. I’m slowly coming around to loving this hair that I’ve had all my life–the hair that refuses to look like any celebrity’s hair.


Some Things Hollywood Needs to Leave Alone

footloose1Over the holidays last year I purchased the new edition of Footloose. I’m pretty sure because it was a doorbuster sale on black Friday and I only had to pay a buck for it. Thank goodness. Because I finally got around to sticking it in the ol’DVD player and watching it while cooking dinner the other night. Needless to say, I didn’t like it. There were some aspects I did, of course. Like his uncle being on his side with the whole town against him ordeal, and …  hmmm, I guess that was about it. 🙂 And what was up with New Jersey accent? It was so distracting.

Oh yes, there was something else; I did like Dennis Quaid. But, I’d like him in anything;)) My personal fav is “Something to Talk About” with Julia Roberts. Love it! But, anyway…

When is Hollywood going to stop remaking the classics? It’s sort of like ruining a good book with its screen adaptation. (sometimes—I do like Nicholas Spark’s movies better than the books) But with Footloose, I’ve seen the real one. I’ve memorized the parts, the lyrics to the songs, the dance choreography in the warehouse where Kevin Bacon goes crazy. We can’t reinvent the wheel, guys! It was perfect just the way it was. And now I hear they’re remaking Dirty Dancing? Is there nothing sacred? As if there’s a Patrick Swayze of this generation who could pull Baby from the corner and dance like nobody’s business? I say there is not. Leave it be. Or come up with something totally different. Did you know that “You’ve Got Mail” was a take on the old classic “Shop Around the Corner”? I happened on this little gem while watching TCM channel one night. The similarities cracked me up, but the new edition merely enhanced it; not copied it word for word. It couldn’t; it was a film from the 40’s.

kevin_bacon_footlooseYou can’t mess with a classic.