Death by Opinion

naïve_skullI’m finally back home from my whirlwind of getaways! The last bed I slept on in the hotel was sooo much more comfortable than the one in Seabrook. I prefer soft, so I sunk between the questionable sheets last night and slept very sound. Tonight, I’m in my own–no fears of who slept here twenty four hours ago and what they might’ve left behind. 🙂

Anyway, while I was away, I got a chance to cruise through Facebook for a moment. Which by the way, it was only a moment. For anyone who has attended college orientation for freshmen, my hats off to you. OMG. Information overload. I was lectured to for the better part of two days straight. I think I could serve on the panel of one of those information sessions without a problem. And don’t you know it, there’s always that one person who has to raise their hand and tell about an experience they had about such and such. I began singing songs in my head every time I saw her hand fly up. Even the faculty began ignoring her waving appendage.

Back to the subject of my blog. I was on Facebook when I read a post from a fellow author. She had made mention concerning her political views. I might’ve blogged about this before….if I have, bear with me. I was just amazed with the backlash she received from one picture she posted. I do not intend to mention names or describe the picture, just know that it clearly stated her opinion about one of the presidential candidates. My, my. She had people stating they would never buy her books again, that she was using her name to further the other candidate’s chances of winning…you name it, it was commented. Others chimed it stating they would use their library card from now on when it came to her books. My jaw fell to the floor. Are you serious?

Okay so first let’s get something straight…if you are in the public eye, however small of an eye, you just never, never, never discuss politics or religion. It’s safe to say there are others out there that don’t share in your opinion. Yes, that’s right…YOUR opinion. As in, keep it to YOURself. Or suffer the consequences. Now, I realize her ability to produce the books she does has very little to do with who she’s going to check the box in November to be our next president, but by nature, it still leaves you with the stinky smell of what’s she thinking…who she’s supporting. As in, “are you kidding me?” But I can then get past it and read the book in good conscience. It’s not as if the money I pay for the book is going directly to support the person I don’t wish to win.  Whatever candidate she chooses to vote for is her choice. I get one too!

I’ve come across articles in magazines where celebrities flat out bash a candidate. If I don’t share the same opinion, it’s human nature to give them the stinkeye for all of two minutes and think differently of them. Of course I’m talking about if they hold a rally in order to bash the opponent or use airtime to talk ill of them. Because let’s face it, what are you gaining from getting down there in the ditch with whomever in order to make your point? You could be losing a lot of fans because of it. Instead, rise above. Yes you can have an opinion, but clearly state it and move on. No mud slinging required.

That’s why I have a hard and fast rule that the only people who get to hear my opinion are the ones sitting at my dinner table…at home. Repeating it to the public is like shooting yourself in the foot. And personally I need that foot. 🙂


The Wedding Ring Conundrum

wedding-rings-on-black-handswedding-rings-and-hands-black-4iwwiixrI turned on the news this morning and was amazed, as usual, to hear what is making headlines. There seems to be a lot of talk about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner still wearing their wedding rings. As if it’s anyone’s business or a big deal. Who cares if they’re wearing giant, one-eyed parrots on their shoulders? But, it made me ponder the whole wedding ring conundrum. Personally, I don’t wear mine very much. If there’s an occasion and I’m dressing up I will put it on, or I’ll wear it for a few weeks and then put it away for a month. It just depends on my mood. What annoys me is when other people think it’s disrespectful or trashy not to wear one when you’re married. My comeback to them is, does wearing the ring make me more married? Am I only married when I’m wearing it? I know guys who cheat while wearing their wedding ring, and women, for that matter. Is it against some law of married conduct not to wear a ring? Who made up such a conduct?

With the Ben and Jen crisis going on:) I thought I’d take a look at the origin of the infamous wedding rings. It seems they date back many centuries ago in Europe. You see, 3,000 years ago, in ancient Egypt, during the engagement period, the man and woman would each wear a ring, usually made of a reed. It was a symbol of eternity, signifying their never ending love for one another. When they married, the two rings were then joined by a braid and the woman fashioned it on her left ring finger, where they believed a vein was housed, leading directly to the heart. (I feel my heart swoon just imagining the romanticism of it all:))

That was the single ring ceremony; the double ring ceremony is used in the United States. And until the 20th century, only women wore them. Then came a push to have men wear the rings, as well. Perhaps another gimmick to sell more jewelry, or the fact that equality was being attempted. After the wedding, the rings are worn on the fourth finger to display the couple’s external love for one another. It has become tradition and etiquette to do so. My feeling, as expressed in an earlier post, is that I don’t need a ring to show someone my love and devotion. Therefore, you will not find a ring at all times on my finger. I find it crazy that the media and fans of Ben and Jen are so wrapped up about the sight of their rings in the midst of their divorce. Divorce specialists, whomever they are, note that the power couple are sending a message to the public and to their children that they are united in their desire to co-parent. And, they think wearing a ring is going to do this? Who cares what the world thinks? Furthermore, do they think the ring has magical powers? Perhaps if they took their vows to heart, none of the outwardly crap would matter. “Till death do us part,” right? I don’t need a ring to remind myself of who I married or the fact that I am married. My morality guides me, not a piece of metal.

On a separate note, I probably would totally wear the ring all the times, if it had been a braid of the two of ours in which we wore singularly as an engaged couple. Now that’s romantic. Bling is not.