Weekend Getaway

beaufortThis picture was taken in Beaufort, SC. I had the privilege to get some time away this weekend and travel down there to take a look at a few places. I LOVE the low country. Let me just say that again. I LOVE the low country. I love the trees, I love the marsh, I love the water. I love it.

I had no idea what Beaufort was all about. I had seen it in my Southern Living magazine and thought, hmm…let’s go and take a look. First, it is a marine town. I don’t know why I didn’t know this, but Marines are everywhere. Or, should I say Marine stuff is everywhere. Stickers on cars, plaques in restaurants, signs….everything. Come to think of it, isn’t Beaufort the place where Army Wives takes place? I’ll have to check.

From the downtown area, I visited Bluffton. This had some outlets, more shopping plazas, and places to eat. I also drove to Lady’s Island. Here it was residential mostly, and offered some golf. Who doesn’t have golf, right? But what drove me specifically to the Beaufort location was a little planned town called Habersham. Well, you drove through Beaufort to get there. Actually it is in Beaufort, but kind of not really. You definitely know when one stopped and the other began. Habersham is like out of a movie set. It practically slams you in the face with the homes, ponds, and water view. It is CRAZY! There isn’t one house that’s ugly. None that is missing colorful, perfect flowers over-blooming in glazed containers, sitting on perfect porches. (Did I mention that every house has a ginormous porch? This encourages porch sitting and talking to one’s neighbor). Not one of the homes has paint chipping, a blade of grass askew, or a missing Welcome mat. It’s CRAZY! A bit too perfect. The picture in my post was taken from the street of one of the homes. Pretty, huh?

The weather was a wonderful 88 degrees, and no humidity. It was sad to return to our 60 degree, breezy day here. But I certainly missed everyone. I felt a bit indulgent taking the weekend for myself. Everyone survived though, and now we’re all tucked in and ready for the week ahead. I’m glad I got to go away for a bit, because this week is going to be maddening. My oldest graduates school and turns 18 all on the same day. Lord help me now! I don’t know if I’ll survive all the changes about to come. Maybe going away is what I needed for the storm that’s brewing in. 🙂


Movie Night Out!

the choiceValentine’s Day…picture it; I’m eating dinner at an actual restaurant and seeing a movie afterwards! It would have to be a holiday for that to happen!

And so, after a lovely meal,  we decided to go see a movie. And who would’ve guessed, but Nicholas Sparks had his new one out, just in time for Valentine’s day!

Let me begin with the cast. I think they did a fabulous job. I hate going to the movies and seeing the same actors. It was refreshing to see some new faces. The lead guy was charming. A bit of a player, a cutie, and had a pinch of a southern twang. The lead girl was pretty, feisty, and was confused with what she wanted. Or rather, who she wanted.

I’d have to say that I think Sparks’ other movies were better in content. Although there was plenty to like of this setup, he just didn’t deliver it as eloquently as the ones before it. This one worked up nicely to building a relationship between the two lead roles, but it quickly wrapped up and offered a second conflict to the story. It was like I was in a car traveling 20 mph, then it switched to 55, then we stopped, then it took off to 50, and slowed down to 15…all the way to the end. It got to the point, in the last twenty minutes, that I was looking around the theater, watching the lights on the wall. Searching out the exit sign. Because you knew where it was going, but it just kept dragging on.

He also failed to develop characters that were richly offered. The dad for example. The dad had a story all to himself. And the main guy’s relationship with his mother–the reason he was the way he was…emotionally detached. That was never dealt with. And there were even parts in the movie that was discussed, having not happened. You’d have to watch it in order to understand.

All in all, it was a nice thought but poorly executed. It felt patched and hurried. No wonder it received poor ratings. I’ll buy it when it comes out for sale, no doubt. If only to have in my collection of things to watch while I write out bills or other things.

As always, my favorite aspect of these movies is the location. I could live where this was filmed. I loved the low country scenes of the south. It made me want to dial up Realtor.com and search for real estate there!