My Rainy Day at the Races

bobmarley,bw,free,quotes,rain-adb8d02181b0c6efbac6aff2b7ed5c02_hI got to go out today! I know it sounds like “no big deal”, but it kind of is. When do I get to shed the five little ones (okay, 3 little and 2 big) and go out with the boyfriend? We even had plans to boot! Someone from work graciously hosted an all-day event in Montpelier for the annual horse races. I was excited! Of course Friday the weather was the perfect 79, the sun was happy and all was good with the atmosphere. Wake up today and the story is very different—63 degrees and rain. That’s okay. The nanny was on her way, the outfit was picked out, and we were leaving! The rain was supposed to stop by lunch.

So we get there. After the umbrella is popped open, we commence to stomp through the soaked grass alllll the way across the pasture to where the tent is set up. We sit and talk a bit. Then we go and are not be able to see the first dog race. (Too many people up front and I have a slight challenge of being short)

We leave and go back to the tent for lunch. Oh look! It’s raining harder…and it’s dropped 10 degrees in temperature. But the horses are about to race. So I go out and stand behind some tall men and watch for the bobbing jockeys. (because that’s all I can see at eye level) It happened. Two seconds and it was over! At least for me. There were ten more races, but I wasn’t sure I could handle the rest. My feet were soaked and my sweater was feeling less crocheted and more like a fish net; breezy. So we went back under cover and sat for some more. A lot of people were more affiliated with my boyfriend and therefore conversing with him, so it gave me a chance to listen to the rain. What a soothing, healing, comforting sound it was. Steady and enchanting.

And that’s what ruined the day and highlighted my day. The rain. It’s like a rose. When I see a rose I always go and smell it. Take the time, right? And when it rains…I don’t merely duck from it and run. I close my eyes and listen closely. There’s magic in the drops:)