Walking on Sunshine

walkingReviews! I’ve gotta say, “I love to read them.” I hear about authors who don’t read them, and I have to wonder why. Sure, there is one out there right now that I scratch my head and wonder what the deal was, but all in all, I’m very happy with all the reviews. I love reading how someone feels about the characters. Their thoughts about Wesley, Mark, and Tom. It’s like eavesdropping on something you said and hearing everyone’s reactions!

I’m happy about all the people who read and liked Amy. She and I have become very close over the past year. And yes! the common characterization of her is to rip those rose-colored glasses off her face, but haven’t you known someone who never gives up? Especially if they’re insecure and all they know is what they know. And they fight tooth and nail to keep it? Sure, you have. At least I know a few Amys!

Anyway, I wanted to share a giveaway that ends very soon. I actually have a few. Goodreads has one that’s running all month, and Fresh Fiction will have another one beginning April 1. This one though is with Amazon. It’s a giveaway for a free copy of “Waking Amy.” So if you haven’t met this girl, enter the contest for a chance to. Her story will continue in two additional books to follow. Don’t miss out on the first one!

I hope you try it out!





Too Much of a Good Thing

couple-saying-I-love-youIs there such a thing as too much of anything good? Who can possibly have too much of a good thing?

It’s a subject that crops up every now and then with me and my friend. Every time she gets off the phone with her husband, she says “I love you.” Well, actually it’s kind of morphed into “la ya.” Which, come on, that’s not even saying it right. Which kind of kicks off my point of over-using the sentiment. It’s become more of a routine than a meaning, at that point. She claims her husband started it 10 years ago when he felt like it might be the last thing she hears from him and he wanted her to know it. Okay, I know. You love me. I hear it twenty flippin’ times a day when we get off the phone. (well, not me, but I’m imagining being her.) But, because he says it, she feels remiss if she doesn’t say it back.

Sitting across from her and hearing it, myself, said on her behalf, twenty times a day, well, it begins to lose its affect. Never saying it is another subject entirely, but too much of it IS a bad thing. It’s like being handed a chocolate chip cookie every time the phone rings. It becomes a Pavlov experiment. Does she even know what she’s saying anymore after repeating it a million times? Does she even feel the tender sentiment when he says it?

I will occasionally tell my “boyfriend” that I like him. My friend laughs. Like? Yes, sometimes liking someone is more important than loving them. Liking means I enjoy them, I look forward to their company. I Like him. I can and do love everyone in the world. It’s what I was taught. But, liking them is different subject.

On the occasion that I tell him I love him, it’s out of the blue. Felt and appreciated. At least I hope it is. And the same goes for me. I don’t have to be shouted it every time before a calls drops to know it. I feel it in just the reason why he’s calling. But, when he says it every now and then for no reason; that’s when I smile. Because I know at that moment, his heart is feeling it the most.

So, yes, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Even chocolate chip cookies. Instead, there is a time and place, and a reason for that smile on my face.