I’m such a magnet to…

traffic…the dumb lane. You know, the one that goes nowhere. As in grocery lanes that look as though the people have little to no groceries, so you stand behind them and lo and behold the lane next to you, with six families looking as though they’re stocking up for 12 feet of snow, ends up leaving before your things hit the conveyor belt. Yes, that is me in the grocery store and me yesterday, sitting in traffic. Six and a half hours…I repeat…six and a half hours to go to a place that is usually four hours drive time. And yes, I got in all the possible dumb lanes I could find. But enough ranting. What did I expect. After all, it is Thanksgiving week. Happily, all that traveling resulted in my college boy coming home. Yay!!

Before the ooey, gooey, go and stop of traffic, I went shopping. I stopped off in Williamsburg and hit the outlets for some Christmas buying. I did very well, but I was lonely. No one could go with me. Frankly, it was a first. It’s so much better going with a BFF or a mother. My mother specifically. She was, instead, shopping for hams and turkeys. This Thanksgiving she’s doing the hosting.

Then came lunch…..Best. Lunch. Ever. I stopped in at The New York Deli. The bomb!! I ordered a hot Delly sandwich. Ahhmazing. It had ham, turkey, lettuce, provolone, mustard, mayo, and the skinniest pickle slices I’ve ever had to caress my tastebuds. The bread was magic. It was like a rye sub roll, crunchy on the edges, and ohh so warm. I’m drooling just thinking about it. Lovely!!! And it was like a foot long. I had to carry one half around with me, just so it wouldn’t get hot in the car. I enjoyed it all over again, while I sat in traffic.

I got home late, tired, and blurry-eyed. All-in-all it was a most lovely day. 🙂


Make Someone Happy!

happyIsn’t it the greatest feeling in the world when you make someone happy? I got to do just that today!

Last year my step-sister’s husband’s mother passed away. (Did you follow that?) And I offered to make a memory quilt for them. Needless to say, a lot has happened in my world and I sort of put making it on the back burner. I finished it. However, I neglected to finish hand sewing the binding. Until Monday. My sister called and asked about the progress. I put my butt in gear, set time aside last night, and finished it.

Today I called and told her I had it to give her. She showed up five minutes later and dropped her jaw when I took it out of the bag. She was so happy. I melted into a puddle of pure appreciation. To have someone see something and feel so emotional–it simply did wonders for my heart. You see, they had given me some bags of blouses the mother had worn. I stabilized the different materials, sewed them together, and made a lap quilt for them to enjoy. She recognized so many of the pieces of fabric. Fittingly, she is going to give it to her husband this Sunday for Mother’s day.

My heart is truly happy. 🙂

Of course, you can’t make someone a quilt every day. And certainly not with pieces of a memory threaded into every seam. But you can do something small. I had a client come in this week. She is an older lady. Someone who has grown children and grandchildren. No one really visits her, and she doesn’t get to do much. I realized how lonely she must be and invited her into our conference room for a chat after we finished up business. She reminisced on old times, told me of new times, and thanked me for taking the time to talk to her. It didn’t take much…just a few minutes of my undivided attention. And I sincerely enjoyed it. She told me she might be back soon “just to check on things”. I’ll be ready. I may even offer her a cup of coffee to drink while we get up to speed on what she’s been up to. 🙂



Winning the Lottery

winning_the_lotterySo the lottery is up to a billion by now, or some crazy amount like that. And yes, I bought my ticket. My boyfriend texted, called, and told me last night before bed to buy another one. But I must say, as I stood in the line for my ticket a weird feeling overtook me. It was like, all this would change if I won. All the normal stuff…like fretting over bills, price checking everything against Amazon, (after all, I have Prime; I can get whatever it is in just 2 days) and life as I know it in general. People would start calling me–people I don’t know, asking me to give them money. I might even be killed for it. Gosh, that’s some heavy stuff. Money is evil; lack of it, and too much of it!

On the other hand, I could help a lot of people. Pay off their bills, home, and cars. Is that where happiness resides, though? Financial stability? My significant other says he would sure like to try it and let me know.

I suppose. And people reading this might be scratching their heads, “Say what? She wouldn’t want to win that dough? Travel anywhere? Buy anything?” I guess my answer would be, “Sure, it would be nice to be comfortable, but a billion won’t buy me happiness. I’m the type that by giving it away to help others, that’s what would bring me profound joy. Not the ‘stuff’ I could do or buy.”

I guess I’ll look at this weird moment I had at the cash register, waiting to buy the ticket, and consider myself lucky to be grounded in what I have. Always thinking that ‘things would be better, if…’ doesn’t get you further in life. Because we don’t grow with always wanting the quick fix. If every wish were granted, there would be no journey, nothing to build on, or try to achieve… I’m glad life isn’t a microwave; it’s a crockpot:)

I know, crazy, right? Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t love financial ease and a few vacations. And a new car. And to see what flying first class is really about. And having a cleaner come and clean the bathrooms and be the one who squirts the cleaner and yells, ‘no one flush the toilets until I say so.’ Or, a chef to make me yummy meals and call me for dinner. And then I get to leave the table when I’m finished eating and go to my room and listen to music, because the cleaner is still there and is going to do the dishes. And then later calling the driver to pick me up and drop me at the curb of wherever and wait until I come back out to drive me back home.

I’d like all of those things. Who wouldn’t? But then what? What would you strive for? What would fuel you to wake up in the morning? I think it would get old.

All right, I’d give it a try just so I could blog the answer. Until then, I’ll continue being the one to make the dinners my children all agree I make too often, and I’ll never find my car in the parking lot, no matter how I try my hardest to remember when I’m walking into the store, AND I’ll keep yelling about not using the toilets, and yet still assuring my children that the blue water is what’s making their pee look green:) Now stop using it until I’m finished cleaning!!

Well until next time, when I report that sadly my numbers were not the winning ones. Yay! I can still strive for something:)


Having Conflict

CONFLICTI’ve regrettably been experiencing conflict lately. I mean, who likes conflict anyway? Who seeks it out and rolls around in it, loving all the things that go with it? The strife, the nasty words, the hidden meanings behind kinder words? I suppose I know some people who do. Doesn’t everyone? I ‘m not one of them.

But, if you think about it…what book or movie sells without having conflict? Conflict drives everything. Who wants to read about someone’s happy life? Page after page of hum-drum happiness. Yes, it’s great to be happy, but how do you know you’re experiencing happiness if you’ve never sat through a storm of discontentment? Do we know what hard is, if all we experience is soft?

So yes, although I very much hate going through this particular conflict, I must say, I will advance to greater things because of it. I never write a book with the intention that the conflict is going to kill off the characters. I write the conflict to sharpen them—make them see that now, because of it, they are happier.

Going through it, though, I feel choked, burdened, and undecided. My world, (not its entirety certainly), has become shaken a bit. Like a snow globe. One day I’m settled on where all the flakes have settled, and now they’ve been turned up, floating in the air, and I can’t seem to find peace until they’ve found a spot to land. Will they all land in the right spots?

On a brighter note, I dreamed of three white owls last night. I know, right? Really…the dream thing again? But I kid you not, these things happen to me. Who, out of nowhere, dreams of three white owls? Usually I’m dreaming of other weird stuff, but the kind of weird that I can see happened because of what happened the day before. i.e. I eat spaghetti at 11:00 pm and dream I’m at a party all night with noodles in my hair! That sort of thing.     So anyway,—I look up owls and it says that change is going to come and it’s a sign of wisdom. Yay for me! I failed to mention though, that one of the white owls died. It got spooked by my dog and died instantly. Total freak out moment for me!! I’m ignoring that clever part of the dream. Perhaps I have two more chances to get it right. ?

My truest advance apologies if this post comes across convoluted. I’m in the midst of watching my snowflakes land. And most hopeful that all the decisions I make in the following weeks will bring about the perfect spots for each and every one of them!



File it Under Memories

MEMORIESI read something on Facebook yesterday from one of my childhood friends that wished he could go back and live in the days when he was young. I suppose the memories of this time appealed to him; made him long for the simpler times. Problem is, we all learn in reverse. When we’re young, we don’t realize how good we’ve got it. We always want to grow up. Ha! Sure, there are perks, but if only we could savor the younger moments; times when we got called for dinner, showed up and ate and then scampered off to hours of play before bed. And we could actually sleep without any problems going through our minds. Okay, maybe we were concocting silly problems, like what if I have to go grocery shopping with Mom, or even bigger, why do I have to get a hair cut Saturday? Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to visit those times?

Isn’t it nice that we can think back on wonderful memories? Times that make us smile while staring out to space. Images that appear faded in our mind, sometimes sketchy at best, but, they’re all there. It amazes me that our brain stores these moments. Today I have the privilege to write a bit before going to work. I’ve turned on Northern Exposure for background noise, and instantly I’m at ease. Comfortable with my surroundings. You see, after I graduated from school I’d watch this show every day before lunch. It was such an easy time for me. I was going part-time to college and working as a nanny. Life was sweet. The biggest obligation I had was to change a diaper, feed a baby, and do a term paper. The world was happy, or so I believed because I was.

It’s great being able to surround ourselves with memories. My best friend sometimes sits and closes her eyes with a huge smile on her face. I ask, where are you? She sighs and tells me. Sometimes it’s Florida on a beach, sometimes it’s on her trampoline outside her childhood house. She finds peace with these memories. Today I find peace with Northern Exposure at 11:00!