I feel like someone unplugged me when September happened. Summer only increased its temperature, school kept going on with afternoon activities, and work got pushed to ‘never a good day’ to go. Did the earth shift? What’s going on? This is the month I typically mellow out, not shut down. I guess if I really look into it I can see the break down. Sleep has become my ‘must do’ and not my ‘get to’. I feel like a toddler being told to go take a nap. “But I’m not done with things I want to do.” This is not to be confused with things I have to do. Now to the temperature. Normally school starts and the cool weather sets in. Ah-ha, you’d be wrong. It’s still a piping 95 degrees in this neck of the woods. And when your car stops compressing the cold air, this fact sucks. I’m dripping when I stop the car to get out to go anywhere. Not to mention my new passenger. Which is my next possibility of the energy deletion. Who knew having a five year old again would be so exhausting? Especially one that doesn’t speak a lick of English and has zero clue of when I say ‘don’t do that’, and instead she does it with gusto. Who knew?

Don’t get me started on the afternoon activities. I lucked out…drew the great straw…none of my kids really wanted to ever do extracurricular activities. Nor did I when I was growing up. Just ring that dismissal bell and let me get the bleep out of there! But no, my lovely daughter has taken up acting. And this requires hours of waiting to go and get her. No, not at a normal time…at dinner time! When I live over an hour round trip from the school. Joy to the world. It’s okay, really. A month and a half more and we get a month break until he next play.

I’m hanging in there. Trying to get used to the new normal. Writing at weird times, singing too many nursery rhymes, and making too many noodles. Still I’m joyful and humble to be able to have a new normal. We choose happy, we choose joy, and I’m tickled by the small things. Um, like the Hallmark movie Christmas lineup being released next week. Not that I’ll see it. I just know it’s coming up. Right after Halloween. And just typing that word makes me smile. I’ve already put out the pumpkins and await the hundreds of dollars I’ll spend on little cute candy bars for my bowl in the kitchen. It’s funny finding the wrappers underneath beds and stuck in the dryer thingy. 🙂

Have a wonderful week, everyone. I’m going to drink an energy drink and look alive!!!



Tis the Season

scaryThere are only two months in which I pay special attention to watching special genre movies…October and December. I turned on the television yesterday and Poltergeist was going off. Oh, how that movie scared the bejeezies out of me when I was younger. Didn’t some of the people die in real life after it aired? I think the little woman did. And they reported the weird things that would happen on set. Hmm… (You’re talking to a person who has made contact, if you know what I mean!) So I believe it’s possible. And don’t think I tried to make the contact…that *whatever it was* contacted me. Long story…

Anyway, I mentioned to my family that we should go old school this month and bring out Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger, and Jason. At the time I watched them, they scared me. I would hide beneath a blanket, my breathing trapped, trying to suck in suffocating air as the ominous music ripped through my nervous system like blades, heightening my heartbeats. But now when I watch them, I’m more at ease. Not because I know what’ll happen (sometimes…I do have a horrible memory), but I see the antiquity of the movie. I appreciate the technology they had back then.

Now, crap gets real when you play some of the new stuff. That I’m not so eager to load onto the television screen. Paranormal Activity to name one. For.Get.It. No way, no how. I watched it one time. ONE TIME. And I was damaged for months. As in couldn’t sleep with the lights off, damaged. NO.Way. NEVER AGAIN. In fact, I warned my children never to watch it. It’s too real, too raw. That stuff could actually happen. Not that Jason can’t come to my family reunion at the lake, but please….the man would eventually drown after being beaten on the head and pushed under till no bubbles gurgled. This paranormal crap gets under the skin…in the folds of the brain…and works on your mind even in the daylight. NOTHANKYOU VERYMUCH!!!

So I began the season with watching The Others. Nicole Kidman did a super good job with this one. I loved it and I felt there wasn’t any long-lasting ill effects that could be cast upon my children with watching it. It was more psychological.  I don’t do horror. Anyway, they liked it and never figured it out till the end. It was like that movie, The Sixth Sense. I love movies that keep you in the dark. You don’t even realize you’re in the dark, and POW!

The Medea movie for Halloween looks like a scream. I’d have to be in the mood, though. As in grab a cocktail and head into the theater. I have to be kind of punchy to appreciate that humor. But it looks fun.

I’m going this weekend to see the play, Dracula. I’m excited. We have front row seats, and afterwards we get to bring my son back for fall break. Yay!! I’ll get him for a whole week. My nest will be full and things will be normal. Well not really. It will be the new normal. Which seems to update every day. 🙂