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Pressure Over Tom

tom-selleck-69606I’ve never had writer’s block before. Never. Until now. Thanks to my readers loving Tom, I feel a little pressure to bring him to the forefront with Amy. I’m getting a lot of grief from a few of my biggest readers. Little hints here and there, threatening not to finish the series unless Tom is the victor. You know, that sort of thing. But is this what I envisioned when I starting writing it? Will everyone be angry with me if I don’t do as they wish?

“The Best of Me”, by Nicholas Sparks, had two different endings. Thank goodness. The bad one had me extremely cross with the writer. Are you kidding? Kill off the main squeeze? I was so angry, I didn’t turn off the television until I viewed the alternate ending. Why even have the stupid ending as an option? To irritate people, I suppose. Who would raise their hand in a test group and say “kill the guy we’ve all come to love and hope to end up with the heroine?” Who, I ask? And if I remember correctly, it was like one o’clock in the morning when I finished the stupid ending. My eyes were half-shut when I flipped it to the right ending. My mate even rolled over, cursing it before going to sleep. I couldn’t do that. I HAD to see the right ending. Afterwards, I was at ease. All was right in the world then.

So what to do about Tom? I love the guy, too. Who wouldn’t? He loves Amy, he knows her very well, he’s got class, and he’s very handsome. To crush the poor guy for the sake of moving on seems harsh. And that’s all I’m saying. I’ve had heartburn over the whole thing. I get chastised weekly about putting Tom where he needs to be…but what about the story? Amy needs to grow. Can she with Tom?

No, really…can she? My writer’s block needs to know. If I’m going to make my deadline for book 3, someone needs to rest my mind that it’ll be all right either way. 🙂 No alternate ending necessary!

P.S. If you haven’t read “Waking Amy” and “Leaving Amy”, I apologize. You have no clue what I’m rambling about. Please get the books, read them, and tell me your thoughts. I’d love to hear them. 🙂



images (3)I remember the first time I saw these three letters. It was in context stating how it was necessary to have HEA. Still, I was puzzled. What was this foreign acronym? After a few more sentences into the paragraph, it dawned on me that it stood for happily ever after. What? I never wrote for happily ever after. If anything, I always wrote about destruction, death, and despair. But, in order to write for this particular contest, it had to be a HEA kind of story. I remember telling my mother about this new concept. She said, “who wants to read about sad things? Life is too depressing as it is.” Point well stated.

So, I’m happy to report I’ve been two years clean of writing about all that’s sad in the world. I once had the misconception that in order to make a point, to stand out, and to have the reader feel something, it had to have a sad ending. Not true at all. Endings can be happy, in fact, they should be happy. Who needs to be depressed, anyway?

My first book to be published is about a girl who’s trapped in a mundane marriage. Sad? Kind of, but I take you through her journey to see if happily ever after does exist for her. Of course to get there, she’ll have to pass through some destruction, death, and despair. Just a little, I promise. Who said I was completely cured? But, at least you know it has to have an HEA.

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