What About Kindness?

kindness2When in doubt…   When you have nothing else to give…  Give kindness. Who doesn’t want it? Who doesn’t need it? And don’t you feel a whole lot better when you give it? It’s like give a gift, get a gift. Just watching someone smile from you being kind is a big reward. At least it is to me.

You can change a person’s day with just a kind word. A compliment. A gesture of goodwill. Seriously. You have no idea what people are going through. Or if they have anyone in their lives that pay them kindness. But nowadays, it seems people are becoming so detached and so critical.

I was watching a show tonight and they had a commentary on what phrases people took offense to. Can you believe you’re not supposed to tell someone their shoes look nice? Are you kidding me? Where is this world coming from? It’s going to get to the point that when you do offer kindness, you might get slugged. People will expect you’re doing it for an ulterior motive, or doing it incorrectly.

Where have the old days gone? I’m getting a bit over done with this politically correct world. When a compliment isn’t acceptable. It’s almost like you need to carry around a book of translation for what’s acceptable to say.

Let’s bring back old fashioned compassion, empathy, and kindness. Trust me, I’m pretty sure it’s worked in the past.



Love Comes Quickly

Love-Pictures-2How quickly does love really come? How fast is too fast? I was asked this question not too long ago by someone who thinks they love someone only after a few weeks of talking. There have been two dates, telephone conversations, and endless texts between them. Hmmm…could it be love? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s infatuation. Is there a litmus test for love?

I read a review for my debut book, “Waking Amy” and they stated that the love between the hero and heroine happened too quickly. Don’t you kind of have to write it quickly? I mean, there’s only 250-300 pages to establish love. Less, if you want to add in a problem, some climax, and a conclusion, too! Certainly we don’t have the leisure to drag it out for three volumes. But doesn’t love happen that quickly in real life? My friend seems to ponder the question. And I would figure her to only be on about page 50 of her romance!

I was watching Dying Young tonight. You know…with Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott. Anyway, they were about 25% into the movie when it happened for them. Julia Robert’s character was about to leave when Campbell Scott seduced her and they slept together. BAM!! The next morning he declares his undying love and she returns the sentiment. Are you serious? Isn’t that a bit quick? Shouldn’t they date more than one time before sealing their fate with forever-talk? Couldn’t they’ve remarked how much they liked one another before diving into “here’s my heart, don’t break it”? It must be that I’m just so slow in coming to the conclusion about surrendering my soul to someone. But it works in fiction and movies. I get it. It has to. We only have but so long to convey the message. No heroine walks into a book halfway into a romance with the hero. How would the reader have empathy for anything they went through in the beginning of their romance? Where is the build? Oh yeah…it’s on pages 1-75. So, what makes it so unbelievable then to think my friend isn’t in love? I’m not sure, I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Point 2 that I can quickly recall. The movie, “The Longest Ride”, by Nicholas Sparks. The girl dates him only a one time before she rips off her clothes and magically they can’t live without each other. What? I found her to be a little loose quite frankly. I know, I know…that’s what sells. But is it real life? I guess so. For some. I don’t hang around people who have these types of things happen to them…but I wonder…is my friend going to fall to this “fictional” fate of love comes quickly? I’ll keep you posted. 🙂