Series Suggestions


Downton Abbey is over…Army Wives I refused to finish due to the killing off of people…now I have nothing. Okay, so I tried Brothers and Sisters. Eh. To tell you the truth, it kinda reminds me too much of my own family. LOL. It was nothing but stress. The dad dies, the one brother is fighting to find his way, the sister won’t talk to the mom, and the other one is going through a marriage crisis. I was thinking a little more about something that didn’t seem so real. I watch things to get my mind off life. Not take mine and all their problems to bed with me. Oy!

I do have LOST to watch. My oldest son and I only have five more seasons to watch before he goes to college. Ha! I wonder if we’ll make it. I did, however, remember seeing THE GILMORE GIRLS  in the store the other day. I’ve heard nothing but good things about that one. Perhaps I’ll give it a look-see. If anyone has any other suggestions, please pass them on. No doubt I’ll give the brother-sister show a few more tries. I never like to give up that easily on something. I just wish there was someone on there that had their stuff together. Some glimmer of hope that someone  could help the others!

I’ll keep you posted. 🙂



The Lure of Downton Abbey

downton-abbey-05I admit, I might be one of the few that hasn’t been awaiting each week for the next episode of Downton Abbey. Crazy as it seems, I’ve yet to read FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Why? I guess I was never much for being a follower. I don’t have much more of an explanation than that. But, when my “boyfriend” bought me season one of this brilliant show for Christmas, how could I refuse? So, I watched it. And, by great surprise it took very little time until I was finished and needing to see the next season. And the next season. Actually, I’m only on season three at the moment, but since it recently had a finale, I thought I’d blog about what a gem it was to find and enjoy.

Who could disagree? If you’re into character development, you’ll love the bouquet of people this series has to offer. I’m certain that no matter who you are, you can identify with either someone from the upstairs or someone from the downstairs. And, I’m also certain that you can compare at least two or three of these amazing characters to people you know. You have the deceitful footman with the cunning maid; on the flip side, you have the valet with all the integrity of the man of the house with his girlfriend, the housekeeper who you just want as your best friend.

It’s been awhile since a show has held my attention as this one has proven to do. It’s worth a watch. It’s also free if you have Kindle Prime. Win-win!