Goals and more

sundayIt’s Sunday…I finally made it. I went to work all week completely not well. A few times I lost my voice. Which made my children sing with happiness, but no one who asked me a question quite liked the fact they had to push out an ear to hear me better. Go figure.

So I’m a huge “goal driven” girl. Or possibly just an OCD list writer. Whichever you prefer. I have lists everywhere–napkins, day planner, phone, computer… This year I only purchased one planner..I’m a work in progress. 🙂 On the weekends I post said list on white board next to fridge. At times I include other people’s list. (I like to provide the wandering and lost some goals to aspire to!) Long story short…today has only one goal: Write a Novel. Will do. I’ve given myself the guilty leisure of performing only one task–to write. I’m feeling a bit tingly about it. Well, tingly and a bit crappy. Back to not feeling well.

I’m forced to do a little rough diagnosis. Like rough justice, you know? I’ve assessed the situation, realized I’m getting no better, and so I will begin a round of antibiotics. I hoard medicine like no one’s business. “Didn’t need that whole bottle of vertigo medicine? I’ll take it!” “So it wasn’t gout you had? Give me the meds, I’ll keep ’em in case the situation ever arises with me.” Thankfully doctors tried to overdose a few of my children a couple times, so I have an extra bottle or two on hand. I mean no one takes 4 amoxicillins, 500 mg a day. For Pete’s sake. 1000 mg every 24 hours is more than enough. My problem is that I didn’t take the immunity power like I should. I wavered on the third day, not feeling like I needed it anymore. Note to future self…

Changing topic: This week I’ve done something completely different. Forgive me if I posted already. But instead of listening to my music each morning on my commute, I listened to lectures. Yes, I made my car my university. I learned some amazing things. It’s such a high when you have that ‘aha’ moment about something that could drive your story to amazing places. It was difficult staying in my chair at work and not being able to implement my newfound knowledge into my manuscript. ah-ha-moments

Yes, work. I was knee-deep in tax forms. Drunk on numbers. Dancing in the streets with calculations. It played havoc with my OCD dealing with double and triple checking things. I mean once that form goes to the IRS, then to the client, it’s over. Any changes made would have to go through another set of forms. I will be dancing a glorified jig when it’s all over on Monday. Provided I start my medicine and feel something more than a withered piece of whatever…barely able to breathe…sufficiently blowing off my little red nose. Yeah, I better get to medicating. Have a great day, everyone! 🙂 *sniff, sniff*



Checking it Twice

checklistNo, I’m not talking about Santa’s List. I’m referring to my checklist for the release of my 5th book, “The Secret He Keeps”. There are so many things, so many blog posts, and interview questions to answer. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

I keep three calendars. Think that’s enough? I write appointments and reminders in three separate places!! Then I’m at work one day, write the date, and yell out ‘oh, no!’ I’m surprised I remember how to drive there each day. Seriously…my mind is so stretched thin with things to remember. Field trip notes to sign, giveaways to send out, dogs to pick up from the groomers. Yes, I momentarily forgot to pick up the dog once. I wondered why the house was so quiet that day.

I celebrated my anniversary yesterday. It was riddled with work, transporting kids, a visit to the hospital, a nice dinner, and finally throwing up after all was settled. I had to go into work because as we know, I’m a landlord of sorts. And the first of the month is when rent is due. Transporting kids came from a gracious nanny willing to keep said kids so I could eat out and not have to cut everyone’s food while mine goes cold. Hospital visit is for my stepdad. He’s in for a third time of ‘let’s try and find out why he’s passing out’. Seriously…can we get it right this time? Dinner was great. Fireside…seafood…cake vodka. Let’s just sit there for a moment, shall we? Cake vodka? Why have I never heard of this? It tasted exactly like cake, and it had properties to make me feel warm and lovely inside. Yum. And then comes the illness. Yes, who can end a romantic evening and not include hugging a trashcan? I don’t know what it was…maybe the seafood? It certainly couldn’t have been the cake vodka… I won’t let that memory become shattered with believing that hogwash. Either way, it made the evening all the more memorable!

Cheers to a lovely weekend, everyone. I’m heading out to a housewarming party, a couple antique shops, and I’ll see about picking up those lovely children of mine. Maybe after nanny has fed them. 🙂


Upside Down Day


You never know what a day will bring. For me, this past Wednesday brought absolute chaos. I was awakened out of bed with a phone call from my boyfriend that he had accidentally hit our dog. I don’t even remember getting dressed. (I DON’T do well with a crisis, especially dealing with hit animals). In fact, I scream to the top of my lungs and close my eyes when a squirrel darts in front of my car. My children are scarred for life because of this, thinking we are about to crash each time it happens.

But you do what you have to, right? For me, that meant running down our driveway (it is really long) and helping put this bloody, hundred-pound dog in the back of the vehicle to go and get help. I actually stayed home—there were five kids left in the house that needed to be watched.

The point of my post is that you may have all the plans you want for the day, but it doesn’t mean that with one fell swoop, they won’t be cancelled. Bringing about an entirely different outcome. So, what I had scheduled was now trumped by trauma, worry, and anticipation of Walter’s recovery. Walter…who was just moments ago sniffing the deer prints that came the night before in our yard. Walter, who gets no attention other than being fed and watered.

Walter, who now is okay, minus the two gashes that are bandaged up on his legs and awaiting stitches. He is resting peacefully in our basement, underneath a blanket, and visited every other minute by one of our children. He’s is eating up the attention. After all, he’s thirteen years old and has never seen the inside of our home. But now, this is where he will live. Cuddled up on his bed, and seeing all that we do every day.

What a difference a day makes. Especially, for Walter.


My Rainy Day at the Races

bobmarley,bw,free,quotes,rain-adb8d02181b0c6efbac6aff2b7ed5c02_hI got to go out today! I know it sounds like “no big deal”, but it kind of is. When do I get to shed the five little ones (okay, 3 little and 2 big) and go out with the boyfriend? We even had plans to boot! Someone from work graciously hosted an all-day event in Montpelier for the annual horse races. I was excited! Of course Friday the weather was the perfect 79, the sun was happy and all was good with the atmosphere. Wake up today and the story is very different—63 degrees and rain. That’s okay. The nanny was on her way, the outfit was picked out, and we were leaving! The rain was supposed to stop by lunch.

So we get there. After the umbrella is popped open, we commence to stomp through the soaked grass alllll the way across the pasture to where the tent is set up. We sit and talk a bit. Then we go and are not be able to see the first dog race. (Too many people up front and I have a slight challenge of being short)

We leave and go back to the tent for lunch. Oh look! It’s raining harder…and it’s dropped 10 degrees in temperature. But the horses are about to race. So I go out and stand behind some tall men and watch for the bobbing jockeys. (because that’s all I can see at eye level) It happened. Two seconds and it was over! At least for me. There were ten more races, but I wasn’t sure I could handle the rest. My feet were soaked and my sweater was feeling less crocheted and more like a fish net; breezy. So we went back under cover and sat for some more. A lot of people were more affiliated with my boyfriend and therefore conversing with him, so it gave me a chance to listen to the rain. What a soothing, healing, comforting sound it was. Steady and enchanting.

And that’s what ruined the day and highlighted my day. The rain. It’s like a rose. When I see a rose I always go and smell it. Take the time, right? And when it rains…I don’t merely duck from it and run. I close my eyes and listen closely. There’s magic in the drops:)