Yep, It’s that time again

Seven bags…that’s how many I dragged out of my closet into my car and drove to my mother-in-law for inspection. I threw out anything I hadn’t worn in the past year, no matter how I dreamed one day I could squeeze the button shut on that glorious pair of jeans, or those black flip-flops I quite possibly was inebriated when I purchased but loved anyway. Seriously, what was I thinking about black leather straps with silver bolt-like things on them? I stared at them each time I walked into my closet, knowing I wouldn’t get as far as the car before I’d talk myself out of them. I’ll probably laugh when I see someone wearing them out in public, knowing they did see daylight once again. You see this is what happens, I purge my closet and take everything to my mother in law, who then has an extended group of friends and family take a look and take whatever, then on this go around, there was a family whose house just burned down and they got the lion’s share. So happy it happened that way this time. I love to help in any way possible. Even indirectly like this.

Now comes paint for the next step in spring cleaning. I’m spiffing up a few rooms with some fresh colors. Our new daughter’s room is going from a sage green to a soothing, cool lilac. Eww, I can’t wait. I’ll post a picture for comments. And then my sewing room is going from drab white to a Tiffany blue. Just an accent wall. My husband shudders to look at the piece of wall I tested on. 🙂 It’s my happy place and no one needs to be concerned. LOL. Oh well, we’ll see what it looks like when it’s done!

I got a date night last weekend. It’s true. No ransom was paid to get it, no children were harmed…it was just a thing that sort of just happened. Let’s see…it’s been months since I’ve been on one of those things. Months, I say! So we did it big. Dinner, a movie, AND popcorn. Not smuggled either. We actually paid the fifty dollars and got an extra soda too.

We saw The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman. It was great. I had no idea it was a musical. (Since when do I see movie trailers when I only watch TV classics?) I have to be in the mood to watch one of these things (musicals). Luckily that night I was relaxed and willing to sit through impromptu spouts of singing. It ended well and I always appreciate that.

My college boy returned for spring break. It’s been a fast week. Lots of school activities to juggle. I even showed up to take my smallest boy to school one day and no one was there. I felt I was in the twilight zone. School had a delay for snow. Um…there was no snow. And why didn’t anyone inform me? We pulled out of there and onto work I went. With him. What a lovely day that was. You never know what’s going to happen when you wake up and stick your head out the door. No really, you don’t.

The weekend is upon us and I’m ready for it like every Friday that comes so slowly it seems. I’m going to tackle some more rooms with more closets. My kids better watch out!



Checking it Twice

checklistNo, I’m not talking about Santa’s List. I’m referring to my checklist for the release of my 5th book, “The Secret He Keeps”. There are so many things, so many blog posts, and interview questions to answer. I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.

I keep three calendars. Think that’s enough? I write appointments and reminders in three separate places!! Then I’m at work one day, write the date, and yell out ‘oh, no!’ I’m surprised I remember how to drive there each day. Seriously…my mind is so stretched thin with things to remember. Field trip notes to sign, giveaways to send out, dogs to pick up from the groomers. Yes, I momentarily forgot to pick up the dog once. I wondered why the house was so quiet that day.

I celebrated my anniversary yesterday. It was riddled with work, transporting kids, a visit to the hospital, a nice dinner, and finally throwing up after all was settled. I had to go into work because as we know, I’m a landlord of sorts. And the first of the month is when rent is due. Transporting kids came from a gracious nanny willing to keep said kids so I could eat out and not have to cut everyone’s food while mine goes cold. Hospital visit is for my stepdad. He’s in for a third time of ‘let’s try and find out why he’s passing out’. Seriously…can we get it right this time? Dinner was great. Fireside…seafood…cake vodka. Let’s just sit there for a moment, shall we? Cake vodka? Why have I never heard of this? It tasted exactly like cake, and it had properties to make me feel warm and lovely inside. Yum. And then comes the illness. Yes, who can end a romantic evening and not include hugging a trashcan? I don’t know what it was…maybe the seafood? It certainly couldn’t have been the cake vodka… I won’t let that memory become shattered with believing that hogwash. Either way, it made the evening all the more memorable!

Cheers to a lovely weekend, everyone. I’m heading out to a housewarming party, a couple antique shops, and I’ll see about picking up those lovely children of mine. Maybe after nanny has fed them. 🙂


My Rainy Day at the Races

bobmarley,bw,free,quotes,rain-adb8d02181b0c6efbac6aff2b7ed5c02_hI got to go out today! I know it sounds like “no big deal”, but it kind of is. When do I get to shed the five little ones (okay, 3 little and 2 big) and go out with the boyfriend? We even had plans to boot! Someone from work graciously hosted an all-day event in Montpelier for the annual horse races. I was excited! Of course Friday the weather was the perfect 79, the sun was happy and all was good with the atmosphere. Wake up today and the story is very different—63 degrees and rain. That’s okay. The nanny was on her way, the outfit was picked out, and we were leaving! The rain was supposed to stop by lunch.

So we get there. After the umbrella is popped open, we commence to stomp through the soaked grass alllll the way across the pasture to where the tent is set up. We sit and talk a bit. Then we go and are not be able to see the first dog race. (Too many people up front and I have a slight challenge of being short)

We leave and go back to the tent for lunch. Oh look! It’s raining harder…and it’s dropped 10 degrees in temperature. But the horses are about to race. So I go out and stand behind some tall men and watch for the bobbing jockeys. (because that’s all I can see at eye level) It happened. Two seconds and it was over! At least for me. There were ten more races, but I wasn’t sure I could handle the rest. My feet were soaked and my sweater was feeling less crocheted and more like a fish net; breezy. So we went back under cover and sat for some more. A lot of people were more affiliated with my boyfriend and therefore conversing with him, so it gave me a chance to listen to the rain. What a soothing, healing, comforting sound it was. Steady and enchanting.

And that’s what ruined the day and highlighted my day. The rain. It’s like a rose. When I see a rose I always go and smell it. Take the time, right? And when it rains…I don’t merely duck from it and run. I close my eyes and listen closely. There’s magic in the drops:)