You’ve Got Mail…On Friday!

You_ve_Got_Mail-575811674-largeWho doesn’t love “You’ve Got Mail”? That’s what is playing and keeping me company on this Friday morning. It’s my first day in forever that I am home alone. Even if it’s only for a few hours before going to work.

This movie is indeed a classic. My copy is so old and used that it wears coffee marks. Yet it continues to play. But come on, dial up connections? And actual brick and mortar bookstores? Both are going to be extinct one day and I fear this movie will be a “black and white” classic to my children. “Didn’t you used to watch that, Mom? Wow look, they have laptops…how old is that?” And I’ll say, “Yes, it was such a good movie. I watched it until the disk wore a hole in it.”

Anyway, this week has been CRAZY!! So many new things have happened to me. Two of which I plan to formally announce in a later post. But I did receive my cover art tease for book two, “A Reason to Stay.” It is fabulous. So cute. So flirty. I love it. I hope everyone else will. I have to come up with a blub line now, to add to it. You know, what will entice someone to actually consider reading it. No pressure there:) I’ll just procrastinate long enough until I grab an egg timer and demand my creative side of the brain to come up with it in the next five minutes, or else. It will happen, I know it. The egg timer scares my brain into fast production!

I’ve been working at my ‘old’ job this week. The one I can’t seem to ever leave and break free of. It depends on me too much. The one thing I do love about it is the people. The first two hours I return from not being there, I get to talk it up with everyone. Then the work comes…DOM, DOM, DOM. It involves paperwork, numbers, reconciliation, and tax forms. Ahh….  It’s all good. I will get to the end of the month and have all of these things completed. I’ll just go in when the place is closed, set the egg timer and get to it!

Well, back to everything I have to do this morning! I look over to my trusty movie…Tom Hanks is still being coy and Meg is still being her cute self. I always wanted her hair-do when she was doing all these movies. “French Kiss”, “When Harry Met Sally”… I’d take a picture of her to the hair stylist at least once a year, at which time I’d leave the establishment disappointed. My hair is simply too thin and too brown to pull it off. I’m slowly coming around to loving this hair that I’ve had all my life–the hair that refuses to look like any celebrity’s hair.


Cover Reveal for WAKING AMY

weekendIt’s here, it’s here, it’s really here! I have a cover for my first book, WAKING AMY. I’m pleased as punch to introduce you to it. Tell me if you like it:)

Waking Amy Cover 12-3-15 (2)

It’s been a long time coming for sure! A couple years to be exact. It’s amazing…you write and write, re-write, and agonize monthly about plot changes, then you finally see the result everyone else will at first glance. This is Amy! Just to give you a quick snippet of her…

Amy is married to Wesley. They have an okay marriage. Nothing wild, nothing too dull. She spent most of her high school days crushing over this guy. So five years into their marriage, Amy sees he’s been a bit distracted. She’s midway into thinking of ways she can kick it up a notch when she goes home after work and finds a note that he’s leaving her…leaving the marriage. He wishes her the best but he can’t go on living the way they do. Amy is crushed to say the least. But Wesley doesn’t get too far. He wrecks a few miles out of town. The hospital calls and informs her he’s in a coma. And oddly enough Amy sees this as a God-send that she has one more chance to get it right…to channel the girl he won’t leave when he awakes. After all, she she’s the one who always shrugs off dinner with their friends and would rather stay at home watching Hallmark movies in her p.j.’s. And let’s not get into the fact she only wears cardigans and flats; black and gray to be exact.

On the journey of transforming herself, she encounters Dr. Mark Reilly; he’s Wesley’s neurologist. He’s also a complete Casanova and monogamously-challenged—definitely not a guy who wants to snuggle in bed eating Rocky Road and doing crossword puzzles with you. He can’t even remember the name of the girl he went out with last weekend. But with Mark’s help and advice on what it takes to be irresistible, Amy hopes her marriage can be saved. Now if she could only stop staring at the good doctor and imagining he’s the one she’s wearing new skirts and makeup for.

The verdict is still out…who will awaken first? Amy or Wesley?

P.S. This is book one in the Amy Series.