My Birthday

video-hello-my-name-is-doris-coffee-videoSixteenByNine1050I got all my birthday wishes today! Usually when it’s time for my birthday and I have a chance to see a movie, nothing is playing that I want to see. This day was different. I got the Asian lunch, the movie, the popcorn, the dinner out with family, and my favorite shake! And knock on wood, I’m not sick from it all yet. (The kiddies even went home with Grandma for the night!)

Hello, My Name is Doris was really good. Not what I thought it would be, but I’m not sure what I expected. There were some scenes that I thought, what? But it was all good. (Doris had a very active imagination). Basically, for people who haven’t seen the trailer, it’s about Doris who is an older lady and she has a hot crush on a younger guy. It made me laugh out loud a few times. It’s so typical of what women think and do.

I enjoyed it most because it reminded me of how crucial it is to walk out of your comfort zone every now and then…experience things you’d never do before…be someone different for a change. Life can be so much more fascinating when you take chances. New worlds unfold themselves right before your eyes. Life is short…just do it!

I hate to bring this around to my books, but it really enhanced my awareness for writing the third book in the Amy series. Amy is so routine. Work, home, farmer’s market on the weekend. She rarely ever veers from her daily routine. But, you get molded into things when you stay walking in the same footsteps every day. Living is not habits…it’s trying new things on. I think I’ll keep that in mind when I’m formulating Amy’s final chapter. Wings are what lift you from walking in those same footsteps! 🙂


Old Dog, New Trick

new-job-imagePerhaps I shouldn’t have titled it, “Old Dog.” It makes me sound so … “past the point of help or enlightenment.” Still, I don’t know how else to convey today’s musings about a new job I shall attempt to start tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning.

Let me start first by stating the universal fact known about me to my friends and family … I don’t do mornings. These are parts of the day that just need to be slept through. That possibly comes from the fact that I get my best sleep after I’ve woken up, stared aimlessly at the brightening window and analyze everything that has to be done. Amazingly enough, I usually fall back to sleep within thirty minutes of that stress and sleep like nobody’s business.     UNTIL a child wanders in and tells me it’s time to wake up or they’ll be late for school. Oh, and they don’t want to eat the school lunch, they want me to pack a picnic basket full of goodies and snacks for them to eat throughout the day and share with their friends who find my lunches tastier than theirs. Ahhhhh… wake me at noon!

And so my issue…I start a new job tomorrow. Yes, I seem to have digressed about the whole morning thing, but I’m most nervous about the subject at hand; the job. You see, for the past forever or so, I’ve been employed to do a certain task. Albeit, it comes with a million tiny tasks attached to it, it’s still something I can do with a blindfold, two ear plugs, and one arm tied around my back. To boot, it’s an executive position of sorts. I sit behind a desk, hold a title, and pretty much oversee others to do the grunt parts of it. Before you think less of me for this description, I’ve worked there over twenty years and have earned the perks.

Flash forward to tomorrow. I’m traveling down a different path, with people I don’t know, doing something I’ve never done, and all the while beginning at a somewhat more mature age than most. During orientation, I looked around and to my sad surprise, realized I could’ve mothered most of these young things. Really?

So, what if I can’t do it? I won’t get the privilege of being considered young and dumb. I’ll, instead, come off being old and stupid. Alright, older and stupid. Not to mention the labor. I’ll have to actually engage in intensive acts of work. Not that I didn’t before, but mind power is a little different than hand to hand combat with dough and pastries. That’s right, I’m trying my hand in a bakery. I’ve always wanted to work with food and I got my chance this month when I interviewed (not done in 20 years) and got the job!!

I have high hopes it’ll be great and I’ll learn a lot about the techniques, but I’m also nervous about the long hours and stepping out of my comfort zone. Isn’t comfort zone a dirty word, anyway? You only have one life on this earth; go and sample the little things that bring you joy:) Here’s to a good first day!!!


Knowing Your Passion

Bright-IdeaI believe we are all born with a passion; something that comes already hardwired into our being that gravitates us toward something in particular.

Others do not believe this. (That’s okay, they just haven’t tapped into theirs yet!)

Case in point, me. When I was younger, I spent my spare time writing stories. I actually purchased blank journals and filled the pages with my characters and musings. I was fortunate enough to be the editor of our high school poetry collection book. I loved anything that had to do with literature, writing, or reading. So, why did I grow up and become something else? Life, I guess. I got married just short of finishing college, had a baby, fell into a job, had another baby, and before I knew it, that passion for writing got suffocated by all the other things happening in my life. I like to imagine that it just went dormant. Like a rose does in the winter. Boy, was my winter long!

So, here I am, some years later. I have my posse of semi-grown children, my same job that’s become non-challenging in every way, and my passion that has somehow floated back to the surface. Spring has sprung! Since the early signs of the new season, I’ve taken time and written a few books. Have I enjoyed it? I can’t tell you enough how much I’ve enjoyed it. They say time flies when you’re having fun. Well, I feel like only minutes have passed for these last two years. I’ve never felt so complete.

On the other side of the coin, I have friends who feel as if they have no passion for anything. They could merely work anywhere doing anything (within reason) and feel no different. Nothing pulls them, nothing drives them. How unfortunate. I’m not sure they would feel this way if they’d allow themselves to examine what exited them as children. That was the time when they could reflect on what attracted them. That’s when they knew themselves the best. Youth is a haven for endless possibilities. It seems as adults we have to wait until we’re unconscious to rekindle our passion. Researches say that the best ideas come to us while we’re asleep. I guess it’s because we’re at our most relaxed, with no outside distractions.

I suppose I was willing to forge ahead with doing what I was doing, had I not been tugged at by an inner voice to write again. It’s amazing, too, the stories I read about how some people find their passions very late in life and how much happier they are for having done so. And, after realizing it, they can see in their past how they’d missed or even denied the signs. I’ve run into some people lately and have told them of my new direction in life and I’m amazed how each one, independently, have told me they’re not surprised by it. It seems I had mentioned to them how I loved to write, at one time or another, in our friendship. I was astonished! I never knew I had been leaving breadcrumbs for myself to find my true passion in life.

I guess I can consider myself blessed. I know what I love to do and I’m able to do it. Some stay lost their whole lives in not being able to see what it is they were born with a passion to do. Or, is it that they’re not willing to take a risk and step out of their comfort zone and do it?