Christmas Overload in November

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m ready to decorate. It’s sort of like  Brussel sprouts…you love ’em or hate ’em. November is either reserved for Autumn, or a springboard for Christmas. I have so many decorations, I usually begin decorating the second week of November. And because I want it all down on December 27th, I try to milk it as long as I can. I have a group of mixed feelings from my kids. My daughter refuses to listen to my ‘Jingle Bells’ in the car, stuffing headphones in her ears. And when I watch a Christmas movie in the kitchen while cooking, she gives me a ‘what for’.

So with all that in mind, I’m clearly an early Christmas celebrator. Although while doing a week of fundraiser things and having on the Hallmark channel every minute of it, I’m sort of sick of seeing the snow and going along with the characters to pick out a tree. And I don’t want to be sick of it. I’m taking a slight break so I can smell the coffee beans and resume my ho-ho-ho in the few weeks to come.

And so a small rant before I turn the channel…why do all the guys have to have the name Nick and all the girls carry the name Holly. Really? Seriously, 4 out of 5 movies have this setup. And you can guess that any guy that shows up during the first 15 minutes of the movie isn’t the one who’ll be ending it. This guy is the one who turns out to be a schmuck by not being there for the girl, not understanding her, or choosing their career over love. It’s so obvious. Yet I still stay tuned. It’s mindless entertainment. It’s chicken noodle soup for the Christmas soul. One bowl in which I need to take a little break from!

Have a great week everyone!!





This Moment

main-qimg-4b472fcbc9fdd8243e7d1eaca1392d6c-cToday was very busy. I made breakfast, washed two loads of clothes, cleaned the foyer, dusted a bit, separated gifts, folded clothes, cleaned kitchen, turned around to dirty dishes with making lunch, drove my daughter to meet a friend to see a play, made a real estate stop, came home and started making dinner, folded more clothes, cleaned up dinner, drove out to pick up daughter, shopped, bought my son shoes, played family game night, and now I sit at my computer listening to the last load of clothes tossing in washer. I’m tired. Every year it’s the same thing…promises I make to myself….”I’m going to lay in bed and watch this movie or that movie…I’m going to sew an apron for so-n-so, I’m going to bake those cookies I clipped out of the magazine, I’m going to watch the Christmas tree lights at night and chill out”….

Yeah, right. That never happens. I never have a moment to enjoy any of the decorations it seems to take me all day to put up. I never get to bake cookies and get sick off the dough. I’m too busy. And before you know it, Christmas is over. Those moments have passed, and the decorations are all put away. But when do you stop? When do you not care if the dishes are piled up next to the sink, and just go in and enjoy a bubble bath and paint your toes while wrapped in your fuzzy pink robe? Will I be too old when the day comes? Ever notice all the sports cars, I mean the truly vintage, nice sports cars are driven by old people? That’s because it takes  that long to afford one, I suppose. I don’t know…maybe you appreciate more things at an older age.

My sister gets on me to ‘burn the candle’, ‘use the nice sheets’, and ‘open the tasty bottle of wine’. I’m famous for keeping things until I can enjoy them. But when is that? Why are they still in the closet, not getting used?

Reflection moment over. I’ve got to go put some clothes in the dryer. 🙂


Finding Time for the Christmas Spirit

NORMEvery year I say I’ll do it…I’ll find time to relax and enjoy Christmas. Breathe in the days like a slow drag of endorphins, swirling around in my head, producing a silly grin on my face. Sit by the tree and watch the lights dance on the ornaments that only come out once a year. Go out to the kitchen, my ultra-clean kitchen, and begin baking cookies for which I have to Google which store in the free world sells the ingredients. (Because I can’t just make chocolate chip or molasses:) Then mosey into the dining room and begin wrapping presents while watching black and white movies. All the while supervising my tots making a gingerbread village. Ahh, the Norman Rockwell of it all!

But alas, every year it never seems to happen quite like I want it. This year for example I’ve been working my butt off. A virus hit my workplace and I’ve had to go in double time, the only cookies I make come from a roll in a messy kitchen, and I’ve managed to wrap only a few gifts, because Amazon is still shipping the others.  Gingerbread village? Ha! Try ugly lined paper and crayons to help pass their time until the Jolly ol’Saint Nick shows with toys that will interest them all of a day and a half (if I’m lucky). The future days don’t seem to have any more hope for a slow down.

There’s always time to dream for next year, I suppose.



Christmas Movies

stanI’m such a sucker for a good movie. I have quite a collection. One year a dear friend of mine gave me this one to watch. She’s into old movies and thought I’d enjoy it. It has been a favorite ever since. My version is in black and white; I’m not sure if they colorized it later on. And it has the type of plot that can be set on replay without me getting tired of having it on.

Basically the character of Barbara Stanwyck writes a column for a magazine and kind of paints herself as a Martha Stewart; country house with a pet cow, and all!  (She really lives in a noisy apartment in the city). When the publisher wants to visit for the holidays, she seeks help from her boyfriend to pretend the house he owns is really theirs, they’re married, and that they have a baby. Little does she know that a fan of the magazine is also invited to stay…a very handsome and single war hero who admires her column.

I won’t spoil it, although I’d appreciate the spoil if I were reading this. I’ll only say that it’s a classic and you won’t be disappointed. That is if you’re into black and white, easy to entertain movies.

I wish this year I could sit in front of a fireplace, sip hot chocolate, eat a Chunky candy bar with Rocky Road ice cream and enjoy it, myself. The closest I’ll get to that is popping it in the kitchen DVD while I’m preparing a meal and increasing the volume to hear it over the noise of kids running and my daughter singing songs at random, very loudly. It’s all good. One day I’ll wish for this circus again!



Nantucket Stroll

1214-nantucket-christmas-treeI had the good fortune to slip away last week and take a trip to Nantucket. I was able to stay from Wednesday to Sunday; just in time for the Nantucket stroll. If you’re unfamiliar with this event, it’s when all the vendors decorate their stores, the whaling museum puts over 80 trees in their exhibit, and the town turns into a thing of the past. All inclusive of this special weekend are Christmas carolers in vintage clothing singing in the streets, Santa arriving by a coast guard boat and parading down Main Street, and the town crier ringing his bell. It was simply magical.

While I was there I took a few tours of the island–all within walking distance of my hotel. The houses are amazing. The Cape Cod colors, the whale weathervanes, and the crushed shell driveways. I think I’ll start my piggy bank today, in hopes of buying one of these homes for the summertime!

I was able to see a local play–The Christmas Carol, no doubt. It was wonderful. The talent was spot-on, the songs were festive, and it even snowed on stage. The theatre was located next to one of the old churches located on the island. Afterward, everyone walked to wherever they needed. Not many people use cars on the island. I simply walked the two blocks back to my hotel and stayed in for the rest of the evening.

I will certainly mark this trip as one of my favorites. From the nothing-like-it hotel to the twinkling lights on each tree, it was unforgettable. I even met and had my book signed by Nancy Thayer, a long-time resident of the island for the past 31 years.

My Christmas present came early this year. With my memory, I hope I can recall all that happened! Did I mention I left my camera at home?

Oh well, I’ll tap into how it made me feel—simply wonderful:)