Reviews…Do you do them?

reviewAs an author, I ask for reviews all the time, it seems. I post kindly reminders on Facebook, I message my friends that if they have a second…, and I nag my best friends in person! Do they leave one? No. I mean what’s the big deal? Okay…so I don’t always practice what I beg. Amazon sends me endless email notifications to leave reviews, but I usually scroll right past and keep reading what store is giving a 20% discount for this day only! That’s so not right. The very thing I peddle, I neglect to do. So this morning, I’m feeling all good about myself because I left a review for our family dentist. They completely rock! And I was so proud to write all the wonderful things they mean to me. We go twice a year. Yeah, let that sink in. Five appointments…which at one time meant five kids under the age of 10. But my dentist made it feel like spa treatments. We never wait, they always stagger us, and I literally hop from one chair to the next, hearing the condition of each of my children’s teeth. It couldn’t be more painless if I, myself, had to sit in the chair  and endure the drill. No one has ever cried, bit, or left unhappy. That’s quite a feat, and exactly why I was so compelled to leave a five star review.

Now to the ugly one star I had to leave recently. A book I ordered, for a gift, which was incredibly priced over half off, arrived completely junked. I’m not so sure it wasn’t junked when it took off from the warehouse. I mean how can you pay so little for an item that originally is pricey? Yeah, well I get it now. The cover plastic was separated from each other, bowing up as if it’d sat in water the whole trip to my home, and every page was bent. It didn’t help that they shipped it in plastic equivalent to a grocery store nuisance bag. So when I reviewed it one star for condition, I promptly received an email from them, stating I was receiving a refund. They claimed they had new people working the day my book shipped out. Hmmm… Beyond the uncanny of time thing, though, how amazing is that? But I wanted the book…it was a gift. Keep the money, just send a new book. Well, I suppose it was the last damaged book they owned, so the money I got. I’m going to give the book…it’s an awesome reference material. I’ll just explain some horrific story behind the damages. Maybe the delivery guy was attacked by a pack of wolves and as he was hanging on a precipice, the book endured water damage from the nearby stream trickling past his mangled hand. Sounds better than it was the last book they could find shoved underneath a warehouse shelf, huh?

Anyway, I hope this encourages me and anyone else to leave more reviews. Not bad ones, indeed! Good ones. Ones that deserve the five stars, but it seems we’re too busy to press the button. You never know how it can boost someone’s business. I know when I shop on Amazon, it’s all about the rating. I need to give back a little more. 🙂




rockwell-thanksgiving-parody-13I got my oil changed today as planned. No site of the “scary” date guy to report. I took my daughter along because her entire class was raking leaves for charity, and she conveniently forgot to have me sign the permission slip to attend. Funny. So after the horrid hour wait at the mechanic’s, we did some shopping. The first year ever I’ve gotten early Christmas presents. It was amazing. Uncle Bob, check…Neighbor Sue, check…I was on a roll, and most importantly I had coupons!!

couponSerious coupons. I revel in the fact I have coupons. My daughter did a lot of eye rolling. (of course, she’s 13 years old. It’s an art at this point). But when the total came in, she was amazed. So amazed that she came home and reported my huge savings to everyone at dinner.  Mission accomplished. 🙂 And I also made a decision that for some of the people on my list, they will receive a book and something else small. As I told my daughter who, again, didn’t buy into the whole “book” idea, that in fact, I was giving my sisters more than a gift…I was giving them a destination. A passport to transport to another place. That and a bottle of good lotion. Who doesn’t squee with a good bottle of lotion? I mean really.

Then I saw all the signs…the reason for the parody of Norman Rockwell’s famous Thanksgiving picture. Remember Thanksgivings long ago when your family congregated around the table…well the adults at one, and the tiny piggies at the other…and you ate. And ate, and ate. Because that’s what Thanksgiving was about. A bunch of eating…and sleeping…and yelling at the television for your football team to win. Or in my case, wishing the game would just end already. Theres’ something about the guy doing a play by play that really grates on my nerves. But anyway, I digress. If you were lucky, you stayed the night where the food was prepared. That way you could make a turkey sandwich when all the stuffing and cake made it out of the small intestine. Yay, room for more! If you weren’t so lucky, you went home and ate a bowl of cold cereal. Either way, this is what went down.

The signs I was referring to seeing today were advertising Black Friday deals. Beginning Thanksgiving day and going through to the following Friday. Hmmm… let me see. Black Friday…beginning Thursday, and ending in 7 days. What’s wrong with this picture? Now the times are such that after dinner everyone makes a beeline to the stores and shop until midnight. And then some, because evidently they reward the savvy shopper who can pull off staying all night with major door busters. And what about the people who have to work? You figure in retail that you’re going to get Thanksgiving and Christmas off. Even gas station attendants, for Pete’s sake. The world needs to shut down for at least one day a year, if not two.Not now! It’s sad indeed. What would Norman Rockwell have thought?